Tuesday, November 7

Algebraic Methods

Chair: Ron Goldman
Rice University
1:45 A New Approach to Implicitizing Rational Curves and Surfaces
Ron Goldman, Rice University and Tom Sederberg, Brigham Young University
2:05 Finding the Singular Point of a Plane Algebraic Cubic
Marco Paluszny, Universidad Central de Venezuela, Venezuela; Richard R. Patterson, Indiana University-Purdue University, West Lafayette; and Francisco Tovar, Laboratorio de Computacion Grafica y Geometria Aplicada, Venezuela
2:25 A Cubic Analog of the Complete Quadrilateral
Lyle Ramshaw and James B. Saxe, Digital Equipment Corporation
3:05 Optimal Polynomial Composition
Stephen Mann and Wayne Liu, University of Waterloo, Canada >3:25 Some Applications of Boolean Methods to Noncommutative Projectors
Dong Hong, University of Texas, Austin
3:45 Computational Line Geometry with Design and Manufacturing Applications
Bahram Ravani, University of California, Davis

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