Tuesday, November 7

Geometric Processing

4:15 Surface Area of a Parametric Surface
John A. Roulier, University of Connecticut, and Bruce Piper, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
4:35 Finding the Closest Surface Point
Jin J. Chou, NASA Ames Research Center
4:55 Offset Curves and Surfaces
Kyoeng-Ryoel Park and Chung-Nim Lee, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
5:15 Computation of Degeneracies of Offset Surfaces
Takashi Maekawa, Wonjoon Cho and Nicholas M. Patrikalakis, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
5:35 Quadratic and Cubic Rational Bezier Curves with Rational Parametric Speed
Kenji Ueda, Ricoh Company, Ltd., Japan
5:55 Incremental Collision Detection for Polygonal Models
Madhav K. Ponamgi, Jonathan D. Cohen, Ming C. Lin and Dinesh Manocha, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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