Tuesday, November 7

Approximation Methods in CAGD

4:15 Selecting Good Knots for Cubic B-Spline Approximation
Michael Kallay, Visio Corporation, Seattle
4:35 G2 Quadratic Spline Approximation with High Accuracy
Klaus Hollig and Jurgen Koch, Universitat Stuttgart, Germany
4:55 Least Square Approximation by Polynomial Curves and Surfaces Using Dual Bases and Parameter Correction
Bert Juttler, Technical University Darmstadt, Germany
5:15 Blossom Degree Reduction of B-Splines
Gerald Farin, Hans Wolters and G. Wu, Arizona State University
5:35 Move a B-spline Surface to a Curve
Yuan-Ping Hu, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn; and Tze-Chien Sun, Wayne State University
5:55 Approximation Curves and Surfaces by Hermite Splines with Additional Knots of the Sewing
Sergej B. Vakarchuk, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine
6:15 The Smoothing Operators and the Problems of the Approximate Recovery of a Geometric Forms
Valentina I. Zabutnaya, Dniepropetrovskij State University, Ukraine and Sergej B. Vakarchuk, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

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