Thursday, November 9


4:15 An Exact Sweep of a Curve
John K. Johnstone, University of Alabama, Birmingham and James P. Williams, Johns Hopkins University
4:35 An Algorithm for Computing Swept Volume
Denis Blackmore, Ming C. Leu, and Dehao Qin, New Jersey Institute of Technology
4:55 Propagations Between Features in CAD/CAM
Thomas J. Peters, Steven A. Demurjian and Brendan Brett, University of Connecticut, Storrs
5:15 Constraining Plane Geometric Configuations in CAD
Walter Whiteley, York University, Canada
5:35 Integrating Feature-Based Surface Design with Free-Form Deformation
James C. Cavendish, General Motors Research Laboratories
5:55 On New Surfaces in Computational Geometry
Jia-Ding Cao, Fudan University, People's Republic of China

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