1:45 - 3:45 PM / Wednesday, November 8

CAD Data Conversion and Exchange

Moderator: Josef Hoschek
Technische Universitat Darmstadt, Germany

Converting Spline Collections of Arbitrary Topology
Hugues Hoppe, Microsoft Research; Matthias Eck, University of Science and Technology, Germany; and Tony DeRose, University of Washington
An Aesthetic Preserving Algorithm for Accuracy Incompatible Modelers Data Exchange
Gerard Durand, Andre Lieutier and Alain Massabo, MATRA Datavision, France
A Tesselation Algorithm for the Representation of Trimmed Surfaces with Arbitrary Trimming Curves
Bernd Hamann and Po-Yu Tsai, Mississippi State University
A Comparison of Two Regularization Procedures for Polynomial Basis Conversion
Joab Winkler, Brunel University, United Kingdom
An Efficient Generalization of Sablonnier's Algorithm to Surfaces
Suresh K. Lodha, University of California, Santa Cruz; and Phil Barry, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis

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