1:45 - 3:45 PM / Thursday, November 9

Subdivision Methods

Moderator: Hartmut Prautzsch
Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany

A Topological Data Structure for Hierarchical Planar Subdivisions
Waldemar Celes Filho, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Paulo Cezar Carvalho, Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Brazil; Marcelo Gattass and Luiz Fernando Martha, Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Edge and Vertex Insertion for a Class of C1 Subdivision Surfaces
Ayman Habib and Joe Warren, Rice University
Subdivision with Perturbations for Multiresolution Design and Analysis
Mark A. Duchaineau and Kenneth I. Joy, University of California, Davis
A Recursive Subdivision Surface Through an Irregular Mesh of Curves
Ahmad Nasri, American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Interpolatory Refinement by Variational Methods
Leif Kobbelt, Universitat Karlsruhe, Germany

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