8:30 AM / Thursday, November 9

Offset Surfaces and the Geometry of NC Milling

The geometric aspects of the design part of CAD/CAM-technology have received a lot of attention from researchers in the last decades, which resulted in the development of a wide variety of curve and surface design schemes. In contrast to that, the interesting geometric problems contained in computer-aided manufacturing, particularly in NC milling, have been largely ignored.

After a brief description of important technical aspects of NC milling and existing solution strategies, the speaker will present geometric methods and results that are useful in a thorough geometric study of NC milling. As applications of these tools, the simulation of NC milling, generalized offset surfaces for 3-axis machining and the improvement of 5-axis milling of surfaces are addressed.

Helmut Pottmann
Institut fur Geometrie
Technische Universitat Wien, Austria

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