9:15 AM / Thursday, November 9

Physics-Based CAGD and Visual Data Analysis

The speaker will present an approach to geometric design that puts the laws of physics on the side of the designer. Conventional CAGD is based on geometric primitives and operations that often require the designer to painstakingly adjust geometric parameters to achieve desired shapes. By contrast, physics-based CAGD treats these parameters as generalized coordinates which evolve automatically in response to simulated forces and geometric constraints according to the principles of Lagrangian mechanics.

The speaker will discuss D-NURBS, dynamic generalizations of industry standard NURBS, and dynamic superquadrics. These primitives incorporate mass distributions, deformation energies, and other physical quantities to control the behavior of the free-form or parameterized geometric substrate. Imbuing standard geometric primitives with intuitively meaningful physical behavior supports interactive sculpting and allows the models to be applied to visual data analysis.

Demetri Terzopoulos
Department of Computer Science
University of Toronto

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