Monday, November 6

Rapid Prototyping

The speakers will address geometric software issues in rapid prototyping. This includes conversion of CAD models to "standard" formats, the current standard formats themselves, processing of 3D data into 2D slices, slice processing and support generation. Current approaches tend to be similiar in the early stages, due to adherence to the defacto, "STL" standard. However, new standards have been proposed and may provide advantages in robustness, speed and accuracy. Processing of slices and support generation vary widely due the variation in 3-D rendering hardware. The similarities and differences between approaches discussed will illuminate generally applicable topics for future research.

Organizer: James Korein
Stratasys, Inc.

10:30 Triangulating Volumes Generated by the CATIA Geometric Modeler
William Horn, IBM Research, Hawthorne
11:00 Reconstructing Object Topology from STL Files
Pradeep Sinha, XOX Corporation, Minneapolis
11:30 Third speaker to be announced
12:00 Geometric Software Issues in Extrusion Based Rapid Prototyping
James Korein, Organizer

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