Wednesday, November 8

Scientific Visualization

Scientific visualization is an effective tool for data understanding. Unlike computer graphics, which emphasizes generating photo-like images, scientific visualization strives for accurate representations of thegiven data. It is from these representations that scientists can better visualize and understand their data.

The speakers will present state-of-the-art techniques in scientific visualization including an object-oriented approach, visualizing data from different grid types, new analysis techniques for understanding physical phenomena in oceanography data, volume rendering techniques for visualizing human brain data, and time-varying techniques for depicting flow phenomena in computational fluid dynamics. They will also discuss future directions of these techniques.

Organizer: David A. Lane
NASA Ames Research Center

10:30 Flow Visualization Independent of Grid Type
Barry G. Becker, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
11:00 Visualization in Dynamic Physical Oceanography
Robert J. Moorhead II and Zhifan Zhu, Mississippi State University
11:30 Anatomical-functional Correlation of the Human Brain using Volume Visualization Techniques
Alyn P. Rockwood and Yu-Kuang Chang, Arizona State University
12:00 Fluid Flow Visualization
David A. Lane, Organizer

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