Saturday, November 1

Unsymmetric Eigenvalue Alternatives

10:00 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Ballroom 1 (This session will run until 12:30 PM)

Alternatives to reduction to Hessenberg form followed by QR iteration for computing eigenvalues of dense matrices will be described. A few methods take advantage of methods which do not destroy band structure after reduction to tridiagonal, striped tridiagonal or banded Hessenberg form. Modified Lanczos reduction with improved efficiency for solution of sparse systems will also be presented.

Organizer: Eugene L. Wachspress
Retired, Windsor, CA

10:00 Gaussian Reduction to Similar Hessenberg or Banded Hessenberg Form
Gary W. Howell, Florida Institute of Technology
10:30 Calculating Eigenvalues of Large Matrices using the BR Algorithm
David S. Watkins, Washington State University; Gary W. Howell, Florida Institute of Technology; and G. A. Geist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
11:00 Striped Tridiagonal Eigenvalue Algorithms
Eugene L. Wachspress, Organizer
11:30 Parallel QR Reduction of Large Systems
Greg Henry, Intel
12:00 Reduction of Systems to Fishbone Form
Jianxun He, KLA Instruments Corporation, San Jose; and Beresford Parlett, University of California, Berkeley

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