LA97 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic preliminary program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Last Updated: MMD, 10/24/97

10/24/97 MS3/Wednesday, October 29/11:00 AM Robert Grone Cancelled
MS8/Thursday, October 30/11:30 AM Georg Heinig Speaker changed to Marc Van Barel
10/20/97 CIS6/October 31/5:30 PM Stephen Gerig Cancelled
10/10/97 Poster/Saturday, November1/5:30 PM S. Blyumin Cancelled
10/9/97 Poster/Saturday, November 1/5:30 PM Li Jiong-Sheng Cancelled
CIS4/Thursday, October 30/5:30 PM Yimin Wei Cancelled
10/7/97 MS13/Friday, October 31/10:00 AM Daniel Alpay Cancelled
CIS2/Thursday, October30/5:30 PM Bryan Shader Cancelled
MS13/Friday, October 31/10:30 AM Cornelis Van der Mee Cancelled
10/6/97 MS3/Wednesday, October 29/10:30 AM William Watkins Replaced by Michael Lundquist as speaker
10/2/97 CIS6/Friday, October 31/5:30 PM Caroline Haddad Cancelled
CIS7/Friday, October 31/5:30 PMHongyuan Zha Cancelled
9/19/97 MS20/Saturday, November 1/3:00 PM Organizer: Leiba Rodman Entire session cancelled
MS20/Saturday, November 1/4:00 PM S. Chandrasekara Cancelled
9/11/97 CIS4/Thursday, October 30/5:30 PM Gennadii V. Demidenko Cancelled
9/8/97 MS20/Saturday, November 1/3:00 PM Peter Lancaster Cancelled
CIS4/Thursday, October 30/5:30 PM Cynthia Segatto Cancelled
8/20/97 CIS4/Thursday, October 30/5:30 PM Serge Kharchenko Cancelled
Poster/Saturday, November 1/5:30 PM Sigal Gottlieb Cancelled
8/7/97 MS20/Saturday, November 1/3:30 PM B. Reichstein Cancelled
CIS6/Friday, October 31/5:30 PM Lisette de Pillis Cancelled
CIS1/Wednesday, October 29/5:30 PM Marten Gulliksson Cancelled
7/30/97Poster/Saturday, November 1/5:30 PM Yuzhen Ge Cancelled

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MMD, 10/24/97