Thursday, October 30

Positive Semidefinite Matrices and Hermitian Matrices

10:00 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Ballroom 1

Positive semidefinite and Hermitian (or symmetric) matrices have been intensively studied because of their attractive properties and their many applications, e.g., optimization, statistics, and discrete schemes for the solution of differential equations. This minisymposium will explore the developing area of semidefinite programming, extensions and refinements of themes in the subject of Hermitian matrices such as eigenvalues of principal submatrices and diagonalization by congruence, and a cone of inequalities associated with the positive semidefinite matrices.

Organizer: Wayne W. Barrett
Brigham Young University

10:00 The Gauss-Newton Direction for Interior-Point Methods in Linear and Semidefinite Programming
Henry Wolkowicz, University of Waterloo, Canada
10:30 Eigenvalue Multiplicities in Principal Submatrices
Brenda K. Kroschel, Macalester College
11:00 Congruence of Polynomial Matrices
Stephen Pierce, San Diego State University
11:30 The Cone of Class Function Inequalities for Positive Semidefinite Matrices
Wayne W. Barrett, Organizer; Raphael Loewy, Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; Israel; and H. Tracy Hall, Brigham Young University

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MMD, 8/7/97