Important Notice to all Meeting Participants

Times allowed for each presentation, including questions and answers:

IP = Invited Plenary Presentations (60 minutes)

MS = Minisymposium (30 minutes)
The conference organizers expect every speaker of a scheduled minisymposium presentation to register and attend the conference. If it becomes necessary for a speaker to cancel the presentation, the speaker is expected to find an alternate presenter immediately, preferably one of the speaker's co-authors. The speaker should inform the SIAM conference department of any change to his/her scheduled presentation.

Common-Interest Sessions = Is a two-hour focus session with 1/2 hour devoted to attended poster session followed by 1 l/2 hours of discussion led by the session moderator. The common-interest sessions will not involve formal presentations of results by the authors. Everyone is expected to provide a poster display as part of participating in the common-interest sessions. Poster boards will be available to put up your poster early, starting on Tuesday evening, October 28 in the room designated by the schedule. All posters will remain on display until 7:00 PM, Saturday, November 1.

For those who have asked for a poster presentation in a traditional manner, the poster session will take place 5:30 PM-7:00 PM, Saturday, November 1. Each poster presenter must be available during that entire session to present their work and interact with the attendees. If a presenter does not show up to give his/her presentation, he or she will be billed for the poster board rental that SIAM has incurred. To give attendees ample time to view your posters, poster presenters are asked to post and set up their poster displays starting on Tuesday evening, October 28 at the Ballroom Foyer. On Saturday afternoon, November 1 the poster boards will be moved to Ballroom 3 at the time designated by the schedule. Displayed materials should be removed from the poster boards at 7:00 PM immediately after the poster session is over. Any materials left on the board after that time will be removed and discarded. SIAM is not responsible for any poster displays that are left on the board at the end of the session.

For papers with multiple authors, the speaker is shown in italics if known at press time.

A "no-show" or canceled presentation can cause serious inconvenience to the attendees and conference organizers.

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