SIAM Honors Student Achievements at Annual Meeting in New Orleans

November 20, 2005

Boyce E. Griffith of the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, accepted a Student Paper Prize from SIAM president Martin Golubitsky. Griffith wrote the paper, "On the Order of Accuracy of the Immersed Boundary Method: Higher Order Convergence Rates for Sufficiently Smooth Problems," with his adviser, Charles Peskin of the Courant Institute.

Rachel Levy of North Carolina State University received a 2005 Student Paper Prize for a paper titled "Kinetics and Nucleation for Driven Thin Film Flow." She is pictured here with Michael Shearer of NC State, her adviser and co-author.

Martin Golubitsky awarded a Student Paper Prize to Carolina Cardoso Manica of the University of Pittsburgh. The co-authors of the paper, which was titled "Convergence of Time Averaged Statistics of Finite Element Approximations of the Navier´┐ŻStokes Equations," were Volker John of the University of Magdeburg, Germany, and William Layton of the University of Pittsburgh.

The next Student Paper Prizes will be presented in Boston, at the 2006 SIAM Annual Meeting. Instructions and deadlines for submitting materials will be posted at

Mathematical Contest in Modeling 2005: Martin Golubitsky congratulated Katrina Lewis and Clay Hambrick of the Harvey Mudd College team, named the SIAM winner for problem A, the continuous problem. Lorraine Thomas, also a member of the team, is not pictured here. Students who chose Problem A were asked to develop a mathematical model describing the consequences of a massive dam failure. The team's solution was titled "From Lake Murray to a Dam Slurry." Jon T. Jacobsen was their faculty adviser.

John Evans and Meral Reyhan of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, the team named the SIAM winner for problem B, the discrete problem, in MCM 2005. Students working on problem B were asked to propose a model to help determine the optimal number of toll booths in a barrier toll plaza. The RPI team's winning solution was titled "A Quasi-sequential Cellular Automaton Approach to Traffic Modeling." Their faculty adviser was Peter R. Kramer.

The next MCM will be held in February 2006; instructions for faculty advisers wishing to register teams will be available at

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