SIAM Elects Martin Golubitsky to Top Spot for 2005-06

January 1, 2004

SIAM members have elected the following SIAM officers and members of the Board of Trustees and Council to terms beginning January 1, 2004:

President-elect (president in 2005-06): Martin Golubitsky, University of Houston

Vice President at Large: Joseph Flaherty, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Secretary: Paul Boggs, Sandia National Laboratories

Board of Trustees: Marsha Berger, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University; Suzanne Lenhart, University of Tennessee; Lloyd (Nick) Trefethen, Oxford University
Council: Douglas Arnold, Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications, University of Minnesota; Anne Greenbaum, University of Washington; Michael Heath, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign; Henk van der Vorst, Utrecht University.

Thanks to everyone who voted in the elections and ran for office, and, of course, to all who served SIAM, in elected or appointed positions. On behalf of the membership, SIAM extends special thanks to those whose terms ended in 2003: past president Thomas Manteuffel (University of Colorado, Boulder); Barbara Keyfitz (University of Houston), vice president for programs; Max Gunzburger (Florida State University), member of the board of trustees since 2001 (and chair in 2003); board members Joyce McLaughlin (RPI) and Paul van Dooren (Université Catholique de Louvain); and council members John Lewis (The Boeing Company) and James Sethian (University of California, Berkeley).

In other board and council news, the SIAM Board of Trustees elected Michael Overton (Courant) chair for 2004 at its meeting in December 2003. He and Ilse Ipsen (North Carolina State University), the new vice president for programs, joined all elected and appointed SIAM officers as ex officio members of the SIAM Council on January 1.

Current officers who will continue in their posts are SIAM president James (Mac) Hyman (Los Alamos National Laboratory); vice president for education William Briggs (University of Colorado, Denver); vice president for industry Kirk Jordan (IBM Corporation); vice president for publications Gregory Kriegsmann (New Jersey Institute of Technology); and treasurer Samuel Gubins (Annual Reviews Inc.).

Continuing members of the SIAM Board of Trustees are Tony Chan (University of California, Los Angeles); Margaret Cheney (RPI); Iain Duff (Rutherford Appleton Laboratory); Eric Grosse (Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies); Cleve Moler (The MathWorks Inc.); Anna Tsao (Algotek Inc.); and Margaret Wright (Courant).
Continuing terms on the SIAM Council are Carlos Castillo-Chavez (Cornell University); Lori Freitag Diachin (Sandia National Laboratories); Lisa Fauci (Tulane University); C.T. Kelley (NC State); David Keyes (Columbia University); Randall LeVeque (University of Washington); William Symes (Rice University); and Andrew Wathen (Oxford).

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