Julian Cole Lectureship

Principal Guideline

The Julian Cole Lectureship is awarded for an outstanding contribution to the mathematical characterization and solution of a challenging problem in the physical or biological sciences, or in engineering, or for the development of mathematical methods for the solution of such problems.

Award Committee

The award committee will consist of three members of SIAM appointed by the president. An effort should be made to select members whose own work and approach to applied mathematics are close to Julian Cole's. One member will be named chair of the committee.

The chair's term will be completed when the prize for that term is awarded. The president may invite a second member of that committee to become the new chair, and will complete appointments to the new committee.

The chair and membership of the committee will continue to move in this fashion. New appointments are to be made at least eighteen months before the date of the award.

Selection Procedures

The lectureship may be awarded to any member of the scientific or engineering community.

The committee is to present its recommendation to the president at least ten months before the date on which the prize is to be awarded. The committee should select at most one prize winner except in extraordinary cases. Exceptions to this rule must be approved by the Executive Committee of the SIAM Council.

The recommendation for the award must be accompanied by a written justification and a short citation suitable for a certificate and for the ceremonial presentation.

If the committee recommendation is not accepted by the Executive Committee of the SIAM Council, then the prize will not be awarded for that period and the membership of the award committee will change as described above.

If the recommendation is not accepted, the committee may offer a second recommendation provided it can be reviewed and accepted by the Executive Committee of the SIAM Council at least nine months before the award date.

Notification of Award
The president will notify the recipient at least seven months prior to the award date and request the lecture.

Award Date
The award is to be given every fourth year at the annual meeting. If no prize is awarded, the award date moves forward four years.

Description of the Award

The Julian Cole Lectureship award will be $2,000. A certificate will be presented. A lecture is required and is to be publicized in meeting announcements. Reasonable expenses for travel to the award ceremony will be borne by the prize fund.

Award Fund
The initial funds for this award are contributed by the students, friends, colleagues, and family of Julian Cole.

Award Presentation
The award will be presented by the president of SIAM. The president will announce the award, read the citation and introduce the lecturer.

The announcement of the award will be in SIAM News, the SIAM website and released to other appropriate scientific journals, electronic newsletters, and major daily newspapers.

Prize History

The next award will be made in 2018.

Changes to specifications: July 2014. The SIAM Board approved increasing the award size from $1,000 to $2,000.

Selection Committee

Click here to see a list of selection committee members by year.


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