SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession

Principal Guideline

The prize, established in 1985, is in the form of a certificate to be awarded at an appropriate meeting of SIAM. It is awarded to an applied mathematician who has made distinguished contributions to the furtherance of applied mathematics on the national or international level.

Prize Committee

The SIAM Major Awards Committee will make the nomination.

The committee will make the nomination at least eight months prior to the date of the award.

Selection Procedures

The award can be presented to any member of the scientific community who meets the general guideline of the prize description.

Recommendation of the Prize Committee
The SIAM Major Awards Committee will report its findings to the Executive Committee of the SIAM Council at least eight months prior to the prize award date. Normally, one recipient will be recommended. The recommendation for the award must be accompanied by a written justification and a citation of about 100 words that can be read at award time. The executive committee will accept or reject the recommendation not later than six months before the award date. The executive committee may seek the advice of the full council.

If the recommendation is accepted, the award presentation will be made according to the procedure below.

If the recommendation is not accepted, the major awards committee may offer a second recommendation. However, this must be done at least five months prior to the award date to allow time for acceptance or rejection by the executive committee.

Notification of the Award

The president will notify the recipient not later than four months prior to the award and request the awardee's presence at an appropriate ceremony.

Prize Award Date

Starting with the 1997 award, the prize was awarded every three years until 2003. Beginning in 2004, up to one award can be made annually.

Description of the Award

The prize will be a certificate suitably framed, inscribed with the recipient's name and the commendation "For Distinguished Service to Applied Mathematics." Expenses for the award winner's travel to the meeting will normally be paid by the prize fund.

Prize Fund

The fund will be established by an award from the SIAM Board of Trustees still to be determined. Additional cash contributions will be sought.

Award Presentation

The award will be given by the president of SIAM. The president will read the citation at an award ceremony.

The award will be announced in SIAM News and in other similar scientific and general periodicals.

Prize History

Previous recipients of the SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession:

The next award will be made in 2018.

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