Peter Henrici Prize (with ETH Zurich)

Principal Guideline

The Peter Henrici Prize is awarded jointly by Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule-Zürich (ETH Zurich) and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). The prize is awarded for original contributions to applied analysis and numerical analysis and/or for exposition appropriate for applied mathematics and scientific computing. The award is intended to recognize broad and extended contributions to these subjects, more than a single outstanding work.

Prize Committee

The Prize Committee will consist of four members, with one designated as "Chair". Two members of the Prize Committee will be chosen by the President of SIAM and two members by the President of ETH Zurich. The chair of the committee will be alternatively designated by the President of SIAM and the President of ETH Zurich.

Appointments to the prize committee will ordinarily be made at least eighteen months before the prize award date.

The committee for each prize serves from the date of appointment until the prize is awarded. If no prize winner is chosen, the committee's duties will be completed.

Rules of Operation
The prize committee will determine its own procedures and rules of operations.

Selection Procedures

There are no restrictions on eligibility beyond those specified in the Principal Guideline.

The prize committee is responsible for solicitation and evaluation of nominations. Nominations may be made by anyone, including members of the prize committee. It is the responsibility of the nominator to provide all relevant information to the prize committees, including a resume and any letter(s) of support.

The recommendation for the award should be reported by the prize committee to the SIAM president at least seven months before the date of the award. The recommendation for the award must be accompanied by a written justification and a citation of about 100 words that can be read at the award date.

The president will report these findings to the Executive Committee of the SIAM Council. That committee will accept or reject the recommendation at least six months prior to the award date.

If the recommendation is accepted, the award presentation will be made according to the procedure below. If the recommendation is not accepted, the prize committee may offer a second recommendation. However, this must be done so as to allow acceptance or rejection by the Executive Committee at least five months prior to the award date.

Prize Award Date

A prize committee will be appointed every four years. If no prize is awarded, the award date moves ahead four years.

Description of the Award

The award is to include a certificate containing the citation and a cash prize of approximately $5000 plus reasonable travel costs to the meeting at which the prize is awarded.

The Award Presentation

The prize will be given every four years at the International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM) or at the SIAM Annual Meeting. Presentation of the award will be made by the President of SIAM or the Chair of the Prize Committee. The recipient may be required to present a talk at the congress/meeting and will be encouraged to submit a paper to SIAM Review.

Prize History

Previous recipients of the Peter Henrici Prize:

The next award will be made at ICIAM 2019.

Selection Committee

Click here to see a list of selection committee members by year.

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