SIAM Student Travel Awards

SIAM Student Travel Awards are given to help students gain the experience and exposure that comes from attending and presenting at SIAM conferences. The travel awards are intended to help students defray some of the costs of their attendance.

To submit an application for travel support to a conference, go to http://awards.siam.org/, and follow the instructions. All submissions must be in PDF format.


Any full-time student in good standing is eligible to receive an award plus gratis conference registration. Top priority will be given to students presenting papers or posters at the conference, with second priority to students who are co-authors of papers or posters to be presented at the conference. Only students traveling more than 100 miles to the conference are eligible for an award.

Supporting Student Travel to SIAM Conferences

The awards are made from the SIAM Student Travel Fund, created in 1991 and maintained through book royalties donated by generous SIAM authors and by donations from SIAM members. See a complete list of SIAM authors who have donated their royalties to the Student Travel Fund.

Help us support students at SIAM conferences by donating to the Student Travel Fund. You may do this by contacting SIAM Customer Service or by writing a check, payable to "SIAM" and sending it to the SIAM office (Attention: SIAM Student Travel Fund), 3600 Market Street, 6th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2688. Corporations can also support student travel to a selected conference or in general

Applying for a SIAM Student Travel Award

Submitting your poster or paper for your participation in the conference program is a separate process from applying for a SIAM Student Travel Award.  Applying for a travel award does NOT submit your paper. 

To submit your paper, click on the "Submissions" link at the webpage of the conference in which you plan to participate.

An application for a travel award must include:

  1. A statement requesting the travel award and providing the rationale for the request and explaining your interest in attending the conference. If you are giving a presentation at the conference, the statement should include the title of your presentation, the type of presentation (minisymposium, contributed lecture, poster and the name(s) and affiliations of your co-authors. If you are speaking in a minisymposium, include the title and the name(s) of the organizer(s).  If you are a SIAM member, please indicate in your statement.

  2. A current curriculum vitae (CV) that includes your contact information, the expected date (month/year) of the award of your PhD, the institution awarding your PhD, and your advisor's name, and other relevant information including recent publications. In addition, you may provide a URL for a working Web page that expands on the information in your CV.

  3. The name and e-mail address of your advisor who should be asked to provide a 1-2 page letter of recommendation commenting on your scholarly achievements and potential and on any special circumstances.  This letter is required for students.  We will send a separate e-mail requesting the letter from your advisor. The e-mail will include instructions on how to submit the letter.  You will not be able to directly upload the letter of recommendation as part of the application process.  You should submit your application early enough for your advisor to have time to submit the letter of recommendation before the deadline.

All submissions must be in pdf format.

To submit an application for travel support to a conference, go to http://awards.siam.org/ , and follow the instructions.

Criteria for SIAM Student Travel Awards

  1. Evidence of scholarship, as found in CV and letter of recommendation from advisor.
    • Ordinarily this means a tendency towards graduate students.
    • Students nearing completion of their program tend to have a stronger record of scholarship.
    • Student’s research should be relevant to the topic/themes of the conference.

  2. Evidence of active participation in the conference.
    • Those students making a relevant presentation tend to have better chance for support than those who are simply (non-presenting) co-authors.
    • Non-speaking co-authors of papers being presented by another person would have preference over those who are simply attending as an observer.

  3. Among those who excel on measures in #1 and #2 above, other factors may be considered:
    • Underrepresented groups (women and underrepresented minorities) may be given preference, especially for those awards made under an NSF grant.
    • Evidence of ties to SIAM (membership, student chapter participation), especially for awards made under SIAM-donated funds.


  1. Because funds are limited,
    • Normally an advisor may expect only one student to receive an award to any given conference;
    • A student may expect to receive at most one travel award per year to a SIAM conference.

  2. Students at U.S. institutions are eligible for travel awards under an NSF grant to SIAM as well as the SIAM Student Travel Fund. Students outside the U.S. are eligible for travel awards under the SIAM Student Travel Fund only. Student travel awards are made competitively regardless of the source of funds.

Deadlines for Conferences

In most cases, the deadline for complete applications is approximately seven months before the first day of the conference for which support is requested, and awardees will be notified by e-mail five months before the first day of the meeting.

Refer to the list below to find the application deadline for the conference for which you are requesting support. Complete applications must be received at the SIAM office no later than this date. On the deadline date, no application will be accepted after 5PM current Eastern time. Deadlines apply to all required application materials, and no late applications will be accepted.

SIAM Conferences in 2018

SIAM has available limited travel support for student participants at SIAM conferences.  The student travel awards are in the amount $650, however, in cases in which intercontinental travel is required, the award will be increased to $800.

The awards (unless otherwise noted in the award letter) come with free registration. To obtain the support, a student awardee must file an expense report, including all required receipts, within 30 days of the end of the conference.

Travel outside of the U.S. under this program must comply with the Fly America Act. See for example, http://www.tvlon.com/resources/FlyAct.html. In some cases, the United States has entered into bilateral or multilateral agreements “Open Skies” agreements with other nations. In these cases, The Fly America Act does not prohibit travel funded by civilian government agencies on carriers associated with these nations. For example, there are such agreements with the European Union (including non‑EU members Norway and Iceland), Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Israel, and Japan. A full list of transportation agreements is available at http://www.state.gov/e/eb/tra/ata/index.htm.

SIAM will make several awards to support student travel to the following conferences.



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