Application Process

Group picture of all G2S3 participants.

G2S3 2012 is over and was a great sucess - naturally, we do no longer accept applications, but leave this page online for anyone who might be interested in the application process for G2S3 2012.

For the SIAM Gene Golub Summer School 2012, we invite graduate students (working toward a M.Sc. or PhD or equivalent) from all countries and from all related disciplines to apply. Attendance will be restricted to up to 50 well-qualified participants, who will be selected by a committee based on the documents sent by the students, and the letter/s of recommendation, as detailed below.

It is part of the summer school's mission statement to increase diversity in the Computational Sciences. We therefore particularly encourage female students and students from under-represented minorities to apply, as well as students from smaller institutions.

Required Documents and Deadline

The deadline for applications will be February 1, 2012. Please send us at least a preliminary application by then; full documents and letters of reference need to reach us on February 5, 2012, at the latest.

In order to apply for the Gene Golub SIAM Summer School 2012, please send the following documents, preferrably as a single PDF file to [email protected]:

  1. A personal statement that decribes your motivation to take part in the summer school (1 page max.)
  2. A short CV/resume (2 pages max.) that should also describe your academic background
  3. An application for finanical support (see below)
  4. Scanned transcripts of relevant classes (only course titles and grades).

In addition, we ask for one or two letters of recommendation. These should be emailed directly (again to [email protected]) by the letter writer(s), and should not be seen by the candidate. One of the letters should comment on your need for financial support (for example, whether or not your home university can provide such support).

All the documents should be in English, and in pdf format only.

Applying for Financial Support

The generous sponsorship from SIAM and several further institutions (see the list of sponsors on the front page) will allow us to (at least partially) reimburse travel and/or housing costs for most of the participants. Also, there will be no participation fee.

While it is our goal to refund expenses for as many participants as we can, we cannot make guarantees at this point. Candidates are strongly encouraged to inquire whether travel support is available with their advisor, and indicate so in their application. Funding decisions will be communicated in the notification letters of the successful candidates.

In your application, you should therefore indicate your need for financial support according to the following categories:

  1. Full coverage of travel and accommodation: This is especially intended for graduate/PhD students who do not receive funding from other sources.
  2. Accommodation support: We invite all applicants to apply for accommodation support, at least (as the full costs for accommodation and meals would be more than $1000). Please indicate the maximum amount you can afford for local expenses, and whether you are able to receive funding from your host institution.
  3. Travel support: We will strive to provide partial support for travel expenses for as many participants as we can. Please give an estimate for your travel costs when applying for travel support.

Applying for both accommodation and travel support is, of course, possible. Please understand that it is not possible to apply for a part-time participation, or for parts of the course, only.

Questions concerning the summer school in general, how to apply, and availability of funding can be addressed to our contact email address, [email protected].