Friday, July 17

Biology II

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Chair: Brian J. McCartin, Kettering University
Room: Sidney Smith 1084

2:00 Exponential Fitting for a Convection-Reaction-Diffusion System Arising in Chemotaxis
Brian J. McCartin and Michael W. Fisackerly, Kettering University
2:15 Synchronization Mechanisms in Neuronal Network Models with Fast Inhibitory Synapses
Jonathan E. Rubin, and David Terman, Ohio State University
2:30 Symbolic Chemical System with Using Multiset Rewriting System
Yasuhiro Suzuki and Hiroshi Tanaka, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan
2:45 On the Use of the Nonlinear Dual-Sorption Model to Describe the Pharmacokinetic Behaviour of a Compound: Numerical Approach
A. B. Gumel, Universiti Telekom, Malaysia; K. Kubota, University of Tokyo, Japan; and E. H. Twizell, Brunel University, United Kingdom
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