AN98 Program Updates

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Date Session/Day/Time Speaker Update
7/10 MS19/Tuesday, July 14/10:30 AM Natalia G. Berloff, University of California, Los AngelesCancelled
MS78/Friday, July 17/2:00 PM Diane T. Rover, Michigan State University Speaker changed to Kenneth Wright, Michigan State University
7/8 MS64/Friday, July 17/11:00 AM Ben G. Fitzpatrick, Daniel H. Wagner Associates Cancelled
CP24/Friday, July 17/3:15 PM Victor N. Kasyanov, Institute of Informatics Systems, Russia Cancelled
7/2 PS/Monday, July 13/6:30 PMTian Lixin, Jiangsu University of Science & Technology, China Cancelled
PS/Monday, July 13/6:30 PMZuosheng Hu, Carleton University, Canada Added
MS29/Tuesday, July 14/3:30 PM Leonid Lerer, Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel Replaced by Gilbert Strang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MS43/Wednesday, July 15/3:30-3:45 PM Frank Stefani, Forschungszentrum Rossendorf, Germany Added
MS71/Friday, July 17/2:00 PM Nikolaos M. Missirlis, University of Athens, Greece Cancelled
6/29 PS/Monday, July 13/6:30 PM James Z. Liang, Purdue University, West Lafayette Cancelled
PS/Monday, July 13/6:30 PMDeborah Sturm, College of Staten Island Cancelled
CP1/Monday, July 13/11:15 AM Rosemary Renaut, Arizona State University Cancelled
CP5/Monday, July 13/3:00 PM Ramani Duraiswami, University of Maryland Institute of Advanced Computer Studies Cancelled
6/19CP6/Tuesday, July 14/12:15 PM Mohsen Maesumi, Lamar University Added
MS51/Thursday, July 16/12:00 PM Dinesh Manocha, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Speaker changed to Shankar Krishnan, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
MS54Thursday, July 16/10:30 AM Student Paper Prize Winners Added
MS36/Wednesday, July 15/12:30 PM Hans Johnston, Temple University Added
6/17CP13/Wednesday, July 15/11:00 AM Amit Harel, Washington University Cancelled
CP21/Thursday, July 16/2:15 PM George A. Pouliot, North Carolina State University Cancelled
MS1/Monday, July 13/12:00 PM Peter Carr, Morgan Stanley, New York Added
MS1/Monday, July 13/12:30 PM Claudio Albanese, Organizer Title and time changed
PS/Monday, July 13/6:30 PM Revathi Narasimhan, Saint Peter's College Cancelled
6/15 MS75/Friday, July 17/4:00 PM Boris Khesin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton and University of Toronto, Canada Cancelled
6/11/98 CP2/Monday, July 13/12:15 PM Petr Kloucek, Rice University Added
CP16/Wednesday, July 15/3: 45 PM X. L. Li, SUNY, Stony Brook Added
CP19/Thursday, July 16/3:15 PM Tobin A. Driscoll, University of Colorado, Boulder Moved to CP5, 4:00 PM
6/5 CP2/Monday, July 13/11:45 AM Marc Rouff, Laboratoire de G�nie Electrique de Paris, France Cancelled
CP4/Monday, July 13/2:15 PM David Hoff, Indiana University, Bloomington Cancelled
CP8/Tuesday, July 14/3:30 PM John Guckenheimer, Cornell University Added
MS43/Wednesday, July 15/3:00 PM Weijia Kuang, NASA/GSFC Added
5/28 CP6/Tuesday, July 14/12:00 PM S. H. Lui, HKUST, Hong Kong, China Cancelled
MS26/Tuesday, July 14/11:00 AM Ulrich Kulisch, University of Karlsruhe, Germany Moved to CP11, 12:15 PM
MS26/Tuesday, July 14/11:00 AM Ulrike Storck, University of Karlsruhe, Germany Added
MS49/Thursday, July 16/1:00 AM Linda D. Kral, Washington University Cancelled
5/22MS10/Monday, July 13/3:00 PM Dennis Wong, Scotia Capital Markets, Toronto, Canada and Carnegie Mellon University Title changed
5/21 CP8/Tuesday, July 14/2:30 PM Alan Genz, Washington State University Cancelled
CP24/Friday, July 17/3:00 PM Wendy Huang, Lakehead University, Ontario, Canada Added
5/19MS70/Friday, July 17/10:30 AM Jacob White, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Title & co-authors added
MS75/Friday, July 17/4:00 PM Boris Khesin, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton and University of Toronto, Canada Title & affiliation updated
CP11/Wednesday, July 15/11:15 AM Chih-Jen Lin, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Cancelled
CP24/Friday, July 17/2:45 PM Kenneth J. Supowit, Ohio State University Moved to DM program, CP8
5/13 CP2/Monday, July 13/12:00 PM Renato Spigler, University of Roma III, Italy and University of Padova, ItalyAdded
CP7/Tuesday, July 14/12:00 PM Jonathan Reeve, Strathclyde University, Scotland Added
CP11/Wednesday, July 15/12:15 PM Jerry Markman, Washington University Added
CP13/Wednesday, July 15/10:45 AM Rongqin Sheng, Argonne National Laboratory Cancelled
CP17/Thursday, July 16/12:15 PM Ioana Triandaf, U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Added
CP20/Thursday, July 16/2:00 PM Abel Cadenillas, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada Added
CP24/Friday, July 17/2:30 PM Glenn H. Hurlbert, Arizona State University Cancelled
MS21/Tuesday, July 14/12:00 PM Josee Morissette, Medtronic, Inc., Minneapolis Added
MS31/Tuesday, July 14/2:00 PM Organizer: Ben A. Fusaro, Florida State University MCM winners announced
MS75/Friday, July 17/2:00 PM Organizer: Israel M. Sigal, University of Toronto, Canada 3:30 & 4:00 talks switched
5/12 CP9/Tuesday, July 7/2:00 PM Victor Roytburd, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Cancelled
MS70/Friday, July 17/10:30 AM Session talks reordered
5/4 AWM Program has been updated
MS4/Monday, July 13/10:30 AM Organizer: Ransom A. Myers, Dalhousie University, Halifax, CanadaMinisymposium summary added
5/1 MS5/Monday, July 13/10:30 AM Organizer: Sarah Patch, GE Corporation Research & Development Minisymposium summary added
4/16 MS7/Monday, July 13/12:00 PM Mats Gustafsson, Colorado School of Mines Added
MS28/Tuesday, July 14/3:30 PM Eliezer Hameiri, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University Added
MS49/Thursday, July 16/12:00 PM Vladimir Galindo, Research Center Rossendorf Inc., Dresden, Germany Moved from MS28
4/8/98MS4/Monday, July 13/10:30 AM Organizer: Ransom A. Myers, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada Speaker & titles added
MS11/Monday, July 13/3:00 PM John Birge, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Co-author added
MS13/Monday, July 13/3:30 PM Burhan I. Turksen, University of Toronto, Canada Title changed
MS15/Monday, July 13/4:00 PM Tong Sun, Texas A&M University, College Station Added
MS22/Tuesday, July 14/10:30 AM-12:30 PM Session moved to Monday, July 13/2:00 PM-4:00 PM
MS57/Thursday, July 16/2:00 PM Fr�d�ric Benhamou, IRIN - Universit� de Nantes, France Title changed
MS59/Thursday, July 16/3:30 PM Gregory D. Smith, National Institute of Health Title and co-authors changed
MS62/Thursday, July 16/2:00 PMThis minisymposium has been cancelled
SS3/Thursday, July 16/4:30 PM The Richard C. DiPrima Prize Awardee announced
CP16/Wednesday, July 15/2:15 PM Seongjai Kim, University of Kentucky Cancelled

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