Tuesday, July 14

Numerical Analysis II

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Chair: Goetz Alefeld, University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Room: Sidney Smith 1070

2:00 On Shape Preserving Spline Interpolation
Norbert Herrmann, Universitat Hannover, Germany
2:15 Adaptive Quadrature -- Revisited
Walter Gander, ETH Zentrum, Switzerland; and Walter Gautschi, Purdue University, West Lafayette
2:30 A Mixed Parallel Stochastic Algorithm for High Dimensional Integrals over Unbounded Integration Regions
Alan Genz, Washington State University; Elise de Doncker and Ajay Gupta, Western Michigan University
2:30 The NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
Daniel W. Lozier, Frank W. J. Olver, and Charles W. Clark, National Institute of Standards and Technology
2:45 Fundamental Similarity of Matrix Symbols
Wasin So, Sam Houston State University
3:00 Implementing Interval Arithmetic Operations in the IEEE Floating-Point Standard
Zhe Qiu, University of Victoria, Canada
3:15 Huygens Principle and a Range-Dependent Adaptive Coupled Normal Mode Method
M. F. Werby, Naval Research Laboratory; and N. A. Sidorovskaia, University of New Orleans
3:30 High Accuracy Computation of Periodic Orbits
John Guckenheimer and Won Gyu Choe, Cornell University
3:45 On Wavelets, the Wave Equation and the Dual Fields Theory
Dan Loewenthal, Tel-Aviv University, Israel
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LMH, 3/13/98, MMD, 6/5/98