Friday, July 17

Numerical Modeling as a Test Bed for NDT Methods

8:15 AM-9:00 AM
Chair: Max Gunzburger, Iowa State University
Room: Convocation Hall

Most practical nondestructive testing (NDT) techniques can be characterized phenomonologically by their governing partial differential equation type and hence lend themselves well to simulation by modern numerical methods. The speaker will provide an overview of electromagnetic and ultrasonic NDT methods and show how finite element analysis has been used as a test bed for the development of magnetic flux leakage tools (elliptic p.d.e. type) for gas transmission pipeline inspection, an eddy current probe (parabolic p.d.e. type) for steam generator tubing testing, and an ultrasonic transducer (hyperbolic p.d.e. type) for an acoustic microscope.

The speaker will demonstrate that such a numerical test bed can be used for the replication of experiments, aids in extending our understanding of NDT, physical phenomena, and can also provide training data for solutions of NDT inverse problems.

William Lord
Institute for Physical Research and Technology
Iowa State University

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