Monday, July 13

Validated Numerics

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 1073

Validated Numerics encompasses such complementary techniques as symbolic computation, interval analysis, and rigorous proofs. The techniques are especially attractive in critical applications where accuracy is in doubt or model parameters are imprecisely known. This session is intended to provide an introduction to validated numerics and their applications, especially to differential and algebraic systems, non-linear systems, and global optimization. Each of these topics will then be explored further in other sessions later in the program.

Organizer: George F. Corliss
Marquette University
10:30 Applications of Interval Computations: an Overview with a Special Emphasis on Actual and Potential Aerospace Applications
Vladik Kreinovich and Scott A. Starks, University of Texas, El Paso
11:00 Solving High-Index DAEs by Taylor Series
John Derwent Pryce, Royal Military College of Science, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
11:30 Numerica: A Modeling Language for Global Optimization
Pascal Van Hentenryck, Brown University
12:00 Verified Linear and Nonlinear Systems Computations -- Techniques and Practicalities
R. Baker Kearfott, University of Southwestern Louisiana
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LMH, 3/17/98, MMD 3/30/98