Tuesday, July 14

The 1998 Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 1073

The MCM takes place over a long weekend in February. Teams of three undergraduates are given the alternatives of a Continuous or a Discrete problem. They then spend almost four days working on it. The final product is a typed solution paper and abstract. The papers are judged in March. About eight papers are judged outstanding - good enough to be published.

SIAM designates two teams from among the outstanding teams as SIAM winners. Each team is chosen by a pair of SIAM judges. Debby Levinson and Mark Levinson will choose the SIAM winner from among the 1998 Continuous solution papers. Jerry Griggs and Catherine Roberts will choose the SIAM winner from among the 1998 Discrete papers.

In this session, the winning teams will present their award winning papers.

Organizer: Ben A. Fusaro
Florida State University
2:00 Introduction
Ben A. Fusaro, Organizer
2:30 MRI Scanners
Nicholas Weininger, Tamas Nemeth-Csori and Paul Cantrell, Macalester College
Faculty Advisor: Karla V. Ballman
3:00 A Case for Stricter Grading
Aaron Archer, Andrew Hutchings and Brian Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
Faculty Advisor: Ran Libeskind-Hadas
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