Wednesday, July 15

Dynamo Theory (Part I of II)

10:30 AM-12:00 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 1085

Dynamo theory deals with the generation of magnetic field through the internal motions of masses of electrically conducting fluids. It explains the existence of the magnetic fields of the Earth, Sun, other planets and stars, and some galaxies.

A general understanding of dynamo processes preceded the era of high speed computers, but today all naturally occurring dynamos are investigated numerically, though solutions challenge even the largest machines currently available. The fast dynamo problem, that of creating field on short timescales, has attracted much recent theoretical attention.

The speakers in this symposium endeavor to survey the entire field, including contributions from Britain, France, and the US.

See Part II, MS43.

Organizer: Paul H. Roberts
University of California, Los Angeles
10:30 The Fast Dynamo: Kinematical and Dynamical Aspects
Stephen Childress, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University
11:00 Three-Dimensional Convection Driven Dynamos in a Plane Layer
Christopher Jones, University of Exeter, United Kingdom; and Paul H. Roberts, Organizer
11:30 An Attempt to Compare Theoretical Studies, Numerical Models and Experimental Data
Emmanuel Dormy, University of California, Los Angeles; Dominique Jault, and Philippe Cardin, LGIT, Bat IRIGM, France

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