Monday, July 13

Parabolic Wave Equation Techniques (Part I of II)

10:30 AM-12:30 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 2108

Many nonseparable wave propagation problems can be solved with parabolic wave equation methods. The speakers will discuss the development and assessment of nonlocal radiation boundary conditions; the application of one-way wave equations to obstacle scattering in a waveguide; the modeling of multiscale phenomena in rough surface scattering; the exact, well-posed, one-way reformulation of elliptic, direct wave propagation problems; the application of the generalized Bremmer series to layer-stripping-based inversion schemes; and acousto-gravity waves. They will discuss applications including underwater acoustics and seismic exploration, and focus on both model development and computational algorithm accuracy and efficiency.

Organizers: Michael D. Collins,
U. S. Naval Research Laboratory; and
Louis Fishman,
U. S. Naval Research Laboratory and University of New Orleans
10:30 One-Way Models for Elliptic Wave Propagation Problems
Louis Fishman, Organizer
11:00 A Large Range Step Method for Helmholtz Waveguides
Ya Yan Lu, City University of Hong Kong, China
11:30 Applying the Parabolic Equation to Range-Dependent Multiscale Phenomena
Daniel Wurmser, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory
12:00 Direct, Leading-Order Asymptotic, Inverse Scattering Based on the Generalized Bremmer Series
Mats Gustafsson and Martijn de Hoop, Colorado School of Mines
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LMH, 3/17/98, MMD 5/27/98