Friday, July 17

Computation of Normal Forms and Analysis of Nonlinear Vibrations

Sponsored by Canadian Applied and Industrial Mathematics Society/Société Canadienne de Mathématiques Appliquées

2:00 PM-4:00 PM
Room: Sidney Smith 2108

Nonlinear dynamical systems continue to be as challenging as ever to researchers. In particular, the analysis of nonlinear vibrations has a relatively long history and continues to form a basis for the study of more complex patterns associated with dynamical systems. Many methods are available for nonlinear vibration analysis, and one of the most popular and powerful tools is the theory of normal forms, which leads to a "simplest" equivalent system. However, finding the explicit formulas of normal forms in terms of the coefficients of the original nonlinear system is difficult and computationally time-consuming.

This minisymposium focuses on some recent developments in the study of nonlinear vibrations and the theory of normal forms, as well as symbolic computations related to these topics.

Organizers: Pei Yu and Robert M. Corless
University of Western Ontario, Canada
2:00 Analysis of a Semi-Empirical Flow-Induced Vibration Model
Anne-Marie E. Allison, University of Western Ontario, Canada; and Robert M. Corless, Organizer
2:30 Computation of Normal Forms of Vector Fields
Qinsheng Bi, Tianjin University, China
3:00 Coupled Oscillators Near 1:1 Resonance
William F. Langford, The Fields Institute for Research in the Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, Canada
3:30 Does the Normal Form Theory Always Give the Simplest Form?
Pei Yu, Organizer

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