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Monday 17:00-18:40

CP 1 Polynomial equations I Clara Mertens Solving multivariate vector polynomial interpolation problems
    Sergio Serrano A general condition number for polynomial evaluation
    Kim Batselier The geometry of multivariate polynomial division and elimination
    Luis Verde-Star Characterization and construction of classical orthogonal polynomials using a matrix approach
CP 2 Structured matrices I Durmus Bozkurt Determinants and inverses of circulant matrices with Jacobsthal and Jacobsthal-Lucas numbers
    Fatih Yilmaz Determinants and inverses of circulant matrices with Pell and Pell-Lucas numbers
    Hana Tomásková Eigenproblem for circulant and Hankel matrices in extremal algebra
    Jesús Abderramán Inverses of generalized Hessenberg matrices
CP 3 Matrix factorization Ahmed Salam Modified symplectic Gram-Schmidt process is mathematically and numerically equivalent to Householder SR algorithm
    Karen Braman A multi-window approach to deflation in the QR algorithm
    Yusaku Yamamoto Aggregation of the compact WY representations generated by the TSQR algorithm
    Charles Van Loan A generalized SVD for collections of matrices
CP 4 Krylov methods Juan L. Jerez Fixed-point Lanczos with analytical variable bounds
    Yujie Zhang An Arnoldi-based method for model order reduction of delay system
    Carl Jagels The Laurent-Arnoldi process, Laurent interpolation, and an application to the approximation of matrix functions
    Petr Tichý On worst-case GMRES
CP 5 Control Systems I Inmaculada de Hoyos Structured perturbation of a controllable pair
    M. Isabel García-Planas Reduction to miniversal deformations of families of bilinear systems
    Stefan Johansson Matrix stratifications in control applications
    Andrii Dmytryshyn Stratification of structured pencils and related topics
CP 6 Preconditioning I Astrid Casadei Memory optimization to build a Schur complement
    Radek Kucera On generalized inverses in solving two-by-two block linear systems
    Xavier Lacoste Sparse direct solver on top of large-scale multicore systems with GPU accelerators
    Achim Basermann New block distributed Schur complement preconditioners for CFD simulation on many-core architectures
CP 7 Least squares Dries Geebelen Partially linear modeling combining least squares support vector machines and sparse linear regression
    Christian Kruschel Construction of test instances with prescribed properties for sparsity problems
    Kyle Snow Weighted total least-squares collocation with geodetic applications
    Jose-Javier Martınez Polynomial regression in the Bernstein basis
CP 8 Miscellaneous I Martin Hess Reduced basis modeling for parametrized systems of Maxwell’s equations
    Youngmi Hur A new alternative to the tensor product in wavelet construction
    Pawan Kumar Purely algebraic domain decomposition methods for incompressible Navier-Stokes equation
    Juan C. Trillo On specific stability bounds for linear multiresolution schemes based on biorthogonal wavelets
CP 9 Eigenvalue problems I Chistopher Baker Incremental methods for computing extreme singular subspaces
    Ramaseshan Kannan An efficient implementation of the shifted subspace iteration method for sparse generalized eigenproblems
    Nicola Mastronardi Recursive approximation of the dominant eigenspace of an indefinite matrix
    Takafumi Miyata Jacobi-Davidson type methods using a  shift invariance property of Krylov subspaces for eigenvalue problems

Tuesday 14:05-14:55

Session Subject Speaker Title
CP 10 Miscellaneous II Jeffery J. Leader Phylogenetic trees via latent semantic indexing
    Nicolas Boumal Synchronization of rotations via riemannian trust-regions
CP 11 Miscellaneous III Evrim Korkmaz Ozay A new multi-way array decomposition
    Philippe Langlois Towards more reliable performances of accurate floating-point summation algorithms
CP 12 Matrix norms Ioannis K. Dassios Numerical solutions of singular linear matrix differential equations
    Jagjit Singh Matrix version of Bohr’s inequality
CP 13 Code theory Sapna Jain Linear codes in LRTJ spaces
    Victoria Herranz On turbo codes of rate 1/n from linear systems point of view
CP 14 Iterative methods I Mustapha Hached Meshless method for steady Burgers’ equation: a matrix equation approach
    Patrick Kürschner Tuned preconditioners for inexact two-sided inverse and Rayleigh quotient iteration
CP 15 Polynomial equations II Maha Al-Ammari Standard triples of structured matrix polynomials
    Philippe Dreesen Solving systems of polynomial equations using (numerical) linear algebra

Tuesday 17:00-18:40

Session Subject Speaker Title
CP 16 Matrices and algebraic structures Rute Lemos Determinantal range and Frobenius endomorphisms
    Henrique F. da Cruz On algorithms for constructing (0,1)-matrices with prescribed row and column sum vectors
    Ratnesh Kumar Mishra Elementary matrices arising from unimodular rows
    Alberto Borobia Nonsingular ACI-matrices over integral domains
CP 17 Lyapunov equations Ana Catarina Carapito Lyapunov matrix inequalities with solutions sharing a common Schur complement
    Mohammad-Sah Hossain Solving large scale projected periodic Lyapunov equations using structure-exploting methods
    Yiding Lin A new minimal residual method for large scale Lyapunov equations
    Carl Christian K. Mikkelsen Contributions to the analysis of the extended Krylov subspace method (EKSM) for Lyapunov matrix equations
CP 18 Eigenvalue problems II Raffaello Seri Differentials of eigenvalues and eigenvectors under nonstandard normalizations with applications
    Kwasi Baah Gyamfi A solution to the inverse eigenvalue problem for certain singular hermitian matrices
    Brian D. Sutton Divide and conquer the CS decomposition
    Zheng Bing The optimal perturbation bounds of the Moore-Penrose inverse under the Frobenius norm
CP 19 Positivity I Ann-Kristin Baum Positivity preserving simulation of differential-algebraic equations
    Meiyue Shao Computing the exponentials of essentially nonnegative matrices with high relative accuracy
    Nicolas Gillis Sparse and unique nonnegative matrix factorization through data preprocessing
    Constantin Popa Iterative regularized solution of linear complementarity problems
CP 20 Control systems II M. Dolors Magret Disturbance decoupling problem for singular switched linear systems
    M. Eulalia Montoro Invariant subspaces of switched linear systems
    Alicia Roca On the pole placement problem for singular systems
    Pia L. Kempker Coordination control of linear systems
CP 21 Matrix pencils Anabela Borges Looking at the complexity index as a matrix measure
    Alberto Portal A matrix pencil tool to solve a sampling problem
    Federico Poloni A duality relation for matrix pencils with applications to linearizations
    Gorka Armentia Stability of reducing subspaces of a pencil
CP 22 Matrix functions Lijing Lin Improved Schur-Padé algorithm for fractional powers of a matrix
    Leonid Knizhnerman An automated version of rational Arnoldi for Markov matrix functions
    Christine Klymko Ranking Hubs and authorities using matrix functions
    Bruno Iannazzo The geometric mean of two matrices from a computational viewpoint
CP 23 Applications Akiyoshi Yoshimura Study on efficient numerical simulation methods of dynamic interaction system excited via moving contact points
    Aditya Mani Mishra A Matrix version of a digital signature scheme based on Pell equation
    Mili Shah Evaluating computer vision systems
CP 24 Preconditioning II Stephen D. Shank Overlapping blocks by growing a partition with applications to preconditioning
    Sophie Moufawad Communication avoiding ILU(0) preconditioner
    Peter Arbenz Preconditioning for large scale FE analysis of bone poroelasticity
    Yu-Mei Huang Block-triangular preconditioners for systems arising from edge-preserving image restoration

Wednesday 17:00-18:40

Session Subject Speaker Title
CP 25 Tensors and multilinear algebra Lu Wang Decomposition of semi-nonnegative semi-symmetric three-way tensors
    Goran Bergqvist Random matrices and tensor rank probabilities
    Nick Vannieuwenhoven A new truncation strategy for the higher-order singular value decomposition of tensors
    Birkan Tunç Probabilistic matrix approximation
CP 26 Eigenvalue problems III Glória Cravo Eigenvalues of matrices with prescribed entries
    Milan Hladík Characterizing and bounding eigenvalues of interval matrices
    Raphaël M. Jungers Lifted polytopes methods for the computation of joint spectral characteristics of matrices
    Shengguo Li An improved dqds algorithm
CP 27 Multigrid I Anna Naumovich Algebraic multigrid for solution of discrete adjoint Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equations in compressible aerodynamics
    H. Rittich Symmetric multigrid theory For deflation methods
    Matthias Rottmann Aggregation-based multilevel methods for lattice QCD
    Sonja Sokolovic Adaptive algebraic multigrid methods for Markov chains
CP 28 Structured matrices II Alexander Sakhnovich Structured matrices and inverse problems for discrete Dirac systems with rectangular matrix potentials
    Aaron Melman Applications of companion matrices
    Skander Belhaj On factorization of structured matrices and GCD evaluation
    Paul Van Dooren An anti-triangular factorization of symmetric matrices
CP 29 Miscellaneous IV Linzhang Lu Structure exploited algorithm for solving palindromic quadratic eigenvalue problems
    Andrew Canning A spectral multi-level approach for eigenvalue problems in first principles materials science calculations
    A. R. Sourour Spectrum of Sylvester operators on triangular spaces of matrices
    Jun-Feng Yin Modulus-based successive overrelaxation method for pricing american options
CP 30 Iterative methods II Li Wang On convergence of MSOR-Newton method for nonsmooth equations
    Martin H. Gutknecht A framework for deflated BiCG and related solvers
    Jurjen Duintjer Tebbens Prescribing the behavior of the GMRES method and the Arnoldi method simultaneously
    Andreas Frommer Efficient error bounds for linear systems and rational matrix functions
CP 31 Direct methods Alexander Andrianov On sparse threaded deterministic lock-free Cholesky and LDLT factorizations
    Adrianna Gillman A fast algorithm for constructing the solution operator for homogeneous elliptic boundary value problems
    Winfried Grassmann Eliminate last variable first!
    Andrei Draganescu Sharp estimates for the convergence rate of Orthomin(k) for a class of linear sustems
CP 32 Nonlinear methods Lahcen Laayouni On the performance of the algebraic optimized Schwarz methods with applications
    Philipp Birken Optimizing additive Runge-Kutta smoothers for unsteady flow problems
    Xi Yang On convergence conditions of waveform relaxation methods for linear differential-algebraic equations
    Zhi-Ru Ren On sinc discretization and banded preconditioning for linear third-order ordinary differential equations
CP 33 Matrices and graphs Caterina Fenu Complex networks metrics for software systems
    Jolanda Modic On euclidean distance matrices of graphs
    Pierre-Louis Giscard Evaluating matrix functions by resummations on graphs: the method of path-sums
    Roland Lantner An estimation of general interdependence in an open linear structure

Thursday 17:00-18:40

Session Subject Speaker Title
CP 34 PageRank Romain Hollanders On the complexity of optimizing PageRank
    Olivier Fercoq Optimization of the HOTS score of a website’s pages
    Francisco Pedroche An inclusion set for the personalized PageRank
CP 35 Matrix equations Zübeyde Ulukök Upper bounds on the solution of the continuous algebraic Riccati matrix equations
    Hung-Yuan Fan A large-scale nonsymmetric algebraic Riccati equation from transport theory
    Bruno Carpentieri A stable variant of the biconjugate A-orthogonal residual method for non-hermitian linear systems
    Xiang Wang On hermitian and skew-hermitian splitting iteration methods for the equation AXB = C
CP 36 Positivity II Claudia Mendes A note on B-matrices and doubly B-matrices
    Jorge Delgado Accurate computations for rational Bernstein-Vandermonde and Said-Ball-Vandermonde matrices
    Isabel Giménez On properties of combined matrices
    Plamen Koev Computing the Jordan blocks of irreducible totally nonnegative matrices
CP 37 Matrix computation Joao R. Cardoso Computation of the matrix pth root and its Fréchet derivative by integrals
    André Klein An algorithm for the exact Fisher information matrix of vector ARMAX time series processes
    Samuel Relton An algorithm to compute the matrix logarithm and its Frechet derivative for use condition number estimation
    Sergio Amat High-order iterative methods for the matrix pth root
CP 38 Eigenvalue problems IV E. Fatih Yetkin An efficient way to compute the eigenvalues in a specific region of complex plane
    Marios Iakovidis A divide, reduce and conquer algorithm for matrix diagonalization in computer simulators
    Roel Van Beeumen A rational Krylov method based on Newton and/or Hermite interpolation for the nonlinear eigenvalue problem
    Ninoslav Truhar The rotation of eigenspaces of perturbed matrix pairs
CP 39 Probabilistic equations Fatih Hunutlu Banded structures in probabilistic evolution equations for ODEs
    Ercan Gurvit Space extensions in the probabilistic evolution equations of ODEs
    Metin Demiralp Triangularity and conicality in probabilistic evolution equations for ODEs
CP 40 Control systems III Samuel Melchior H2 approximation of linear time-varying systems
    Sonia Tarragona Analysis of behavior of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of singular linear systems
    Marta Peña Stabilization of controllable planar bimodal linear systems
    Miguel V. Carriegos A combinatorial approach to feedback equivalence of linear systems
CP 41 Miscellaneous V Wilfried Gansterer Randomized distributed matrix computations based on gossiping
    Celina Pestano-Gabino A tabular methodology for matrix Padé approximants with minimal row degrees
    Jiawei Chiu Sublinear randomized algorithms for skeleton decompositions
    Lev Krukier Preconditioners for strongly non-symmetric linear systems
CP 42 Multigrid II Marcel Schweitzer Adaptive smoothed aggregation multigrid for nonsymmetric matrices
    Carmen Rodrigo Local Fourier analysis for multigrid methods on semi-structured triangular grids
    Sebastien Duminil Approach for accelerating the convergence of multigrid methods using extrapolation methods
    Bram Metsch Algebraic multigrid (AMG) for saddle point systems