Guidelines for the Creation of a SIAM Activity Group

SIAM Activity Groups provide an intellectual forum for SIAM members interested in exploring a particular area of applied mathematics, computational science, or cross-disciplinary application. The subject of the SIAG should be of current importance, broad enough to generate significant participation, yet focused enough to assure that the SIAG's goals are achieved.

The activities fostered by the SIAG will enhance and strengthen the objectives of SIAM as a whole. Examples of these activities are organization of SIAG conferences, organization of minisymposia at the SIAM Annual Meeting, distribution of newsletters, and management of a web-portal.

Creation of a New SIAM Activity Group

A proposal for the creation of a SIAG must be filed at the SIAM office at least 60 days prior to the SIAM Council meeting. This proposal should:

  1. Describe the focus-area of the proposed SIAG.
  2. Identify the target community that the SIAG will serve. In particular, will the SIAG attract interest and/or members from outside the current SIAM community?
  3. Describe how the focus-area of this SIAG overlaps with or complements those of existing SIAGs.
  4. Describe the activities proposed by the SIAG including frequency and type of meetings.
  5. Describe how the SIAG activities will enhance overall SIAM goals.
  6. Describe how the SIAG will assess its success at the close of its first charter period.
  7. Include a draft "Rules of Procedure" based on the "Uniform SIAG Rules of Procedure."
  8. Suggest names for Activity Group officers including chairperson, vice-chairperson, secretary, and program director. Please include a brief bio for each suggested officer.
  9. Include the name, address, affiliation, and signature of at least twenty (20) petitioners who are current members of SIAM and who state that they will become members of the proposed SIAG should it be formed. E-mail signatures are fine.

SIAM Activity Group Approval Process

  1. The SIAM VP-at-Large will present the SIAG proposal to the SIAM Board and Council. Included in the presentation will be the reaction of current SIAGs to the new proposal.
  2. All proposals for new activity groups must be approved by the SIAM Board and Council.
  3. Once a SIAG proposal is approved by the Board and Council, the SIAM President will appoint the first set of SIAG officers in consultation with the SIAM VP-at-Large and the SIAG proposers. The appointed officers will serve a full term and the second set of officers will be chosen in a contested election following the SIAG Rules of Procedure.
  4. Once the activity group is approved and the officers have been selected, the SIAG will be operational; programs may then be planned and new members solicited.
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