Book Review

Dynamic Models in Biology
Stephen P. Ellner and John Guckenheimer

"This is a great book and I expect that it will play an important role in the teaching of mathematical biology and the development of the next generation of mathematical biologists for many years to come."--Marc Mangel, SIAM Review

"What is remarkable about Dynamic Models in Biology is that it truly speaks to students of biological sciences. It puts biology first, and then tries to explain how mathematical tools can explain biological phenomena. Nothing else I've seen does this anywhere near as well. The authors have combined their experience to produce an excellent textbook."--Bill Satzer, MAA Reviews

"Dynamic Models in Biology stands apart from existing textbooks in mathematical biology largely because of its interdisciplinary approach and its hands-on, project-oriented case studies and computer laboratories. In an effort to explore biology in more detail, the authors bravely chose a style that differs from the classical biomath texts . . . whose focus is more on formal mathematics."--Lewi Stone, BioScience

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