Errors in Published Articles and Publication of Errata

SIAM considers posting of articles online as final publication.  They cannot be considered “live” documents available for alteration after publication.  Authors are always given the opportunity to check their articles during the course of production, so they should bear in mind the finality of publication when checking the proofs of their papers.

If there is an error in a published article, there are several ways to remedy the situation.

If the problem is caused by an error or oversight of the author’s, the author should submit an erratum notice through the standard submission process at  The article may be very brief, explaining the error and presenting the correct information.  Once accepted for publication, the erratum will be published as a normal article, but a PDF file of the erratum will also be attached to the original article’s PDF.

If the error was caused by SIAM after proofs were reviewed by the author, SIAM will create the erratum, which will not be published separately, but a PDF of the erratum notice will be attached to the original PDF.

Occasionally, errors occur after editorial work has been completed; these are usually technical problems with illustrations or fonts caused, for example, during distillation into PDF files.  In these rare cases, we will append the corrected file to the original PDF and change the article for the printed journal.

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