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Multiscale Modeling and Simulation: A SIAM Interdisciplinary Journal


Continuum Approximation of Invasion Probabilities
Rebecca K. Borchering and Scott A. McKinley

Six-Dimensional Adaptive Simulation of the Vlasov Equations Using a Hierarchical Basis
Erwan Deriaz and Sébastien Peirani

An Adaptive Fast Solver for a General Class of Positive Definite Matrices Via Energy Decomposition
Thomas Y. Hou, De Huang, Ka Chun Lam, and PengChuan Zhang

Analysis of the Residual-Type and the Gradient Recovery-Type a Posteriori Error Estimators for a Consistent Atomistic-to-Continuum Coupling Method in One-Dimension
Hao Wang and Siyao Yang

Point Cloud Discretization of Fokker--Planck Operators for Committor Functions
Rongjie Lai and Jianfeng Lu

Extending Babich's Ansatz for Point-Source Maxwell's Equations Using Hadamard's Method
Wangtao Lu, Jianliang Qian, and Robert Burridge


An Adaptive Multiscale Approach for Electronic Structure Methods
Sambasiva Rao Chinnamsetty, Michael Griebel, and Jan Hamaekers

Langevin Dynamics With General Kinetic Energies
Gabriel Stoltz and Zofia Trstanova

Corrector Estimates for a Thermodiffusion Model with Weak Thermal Coupling
Adrian Muntean and Sina Reichelt

Pulses in FitzHugh--Nagumo Systems with Rapidly Oscillating Coefficients
Pavel Gurevich and Sina Reichelt

Stochastic Unfolding and Homogenization of Spring Network Models
Stefan Neukamm and Mario Varga

An Efficient Time-splitting Method for the Ehrenfest Dynamics
Di Fang, Shi Jin, and Christof Sparber

Scattering by a Periodic Array of Subwavelength Slits I: Field Enhancement in the Diffraction Regime
Junshan Lin and Hai Zhang

Scattering by a Periodic Array of Subwavelength Slits II: Surface Bound States, Total Transmission, and Field Enhancement in Homogenization Regimes

Junshan Lin and Hai Zhang


SIAM Journal on Applied Algebra and Geometry


Synchronization over Cartan Motion Groups via Contraction
Onur Özyeşil, Nir Sharon, and Amit Singer


Codes from Surfaces with Small Picard Number
John Little and Hal Schenck

Equivalence of Lattice Orbit Polytopes
Frieder Ladisch and Achill Schürmann


SIAM Journal on Applied Dynamical Systems


A Stability Result for Periodic Solutions of Nonmonotonic Smooth Negative Feedback Systems
Camille Poignard, Madalena Chaves, and Jean-Luc Gouzé

Staged Construction of Adjoints for Constrained Optimization of Integro-Differential Boundary-Value Problems
Mingwu Li and Harry Dankowicz

Long-Time Stability and Accuracy of the Ensemble Kalman--Bucy Filter for Fully Observed Processes and Small Measurement Noise
Jana de Wiljes, Sebastian Reich, and Wilhelm Stannat

Nanoptera in a Period-2 Toda Chain
Christopher J. Lustri and Mason A. Porter

Computational Identification of Irreducible State-Spaces for Stochastic Reaction Networks
Ankit Gupta and Mustafa Khammash

Dynamics Beyond Dynamic Jam; Unfolding the Painlevé Paradox Singularity
Arne Nordmark, Peter L. Várkonyi, and Alan R. Champneys

Symmetry-Breaking Bifurcations and Patterns of Oscillations in Rings of Crystal Oscillators
Pietro-Luciano Buono, Bernard Chan, Jocirei Ferreira, Antonio Palacios, Steven Reeves, Patrick Longhini, and Visarath In

Equilibrium Configurations of Boundary Droplets in a Self-Organizing Inhibitory System
Jiajun Lu, Frank Baginski, and Xiaofeng Ren


A Simple Loop Dwell Time Approach for Stability of Switched Systems
Nikita Agarwal

Tangencies Between Global Invariant Manifolds and Slow Manifolds Near a Singular Hopf Bifurcation
José Mujica, Bernd Krauskopf, and Hinke M. Osinga

The Optimization Landscape for Fitting a Rank-2 Tensor with a Rank-1 Tensor
Xue Gong, Martin J. Mohlenkamp, and Todd R. Young

Localized Patterns in Periodically Forced Systems: II. Patterns with Nonzero Wavenumber
A. S. Alnahdi, J. Niesen, and A. M. Rucklidge

Cooperative Epidemic Spreading on a Two-Layered Interconnected Network
Xiang Wei, Xiaoqun Wu, Shihua Chen, Jun-an Lu, and Guanrong Chen

Global Synchronization of Pulse-Coupled Oscillators on Trees
Hanbaek Lyu

Emergent Dynamics of Kuramoto Oscillators with Adaptive Couplings: Conservation Law and Fast Learning

Seung-Yeal Ha, Jaeseung Lee, Zhuchun Li, and Jinyeong Park


SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics


On the Vlasov--Maxwell System with a Strong Magnetic Field
Francis Filbet, Tao Xiong, and Eric Sonnendrücker

Multiple Traveling Waves for Dry Forward Combustion Through a Porous Medium
Jesus C. da Mota and Aparecido J. de Souza

Zoology of a Nonlocal Cross-Diffusion Model for Two Species

José A. Carrillo, Yanghong Huang, and Markus Schmidtchen

The Inheritance of Nondegenerate Multistationarity in Chemical Reaction Networks
Murad Banaji and Casian Pantea

Analysis of the Mean Field Free Energy Functional of Electrolyte Solution with Nonhomogenous Boundary Conditions and the Generalized PB/PNP Equations with Inhomogeneous Dielectric Permittivity

Xuejiao Liu, Yu Qiao, and Benzhuo Lu

Fractional Patlak--Keller--Segel Equations for Chemotactic Superdiffusion
Gissell Estrada-Rodriguez, Heiko Gimperlein, and Kevin J. Painter

Asymptotic Analysis of a Silicon Furnace Model
Benjamin M. Sloman, Colin P. Please, and Robert A. Van Gorder

Analysis of a Dynamic Peeling Test with Speed-Dependent Toughness
Giuliano Lazzaroni and Lorenzo Nardini

Multiscale Models of Metallic Particles in Nematic Liquid Crystals
Thomas P. Bennett, Giampaolo D'Alessandro, and Keith R. Daly

A Boundary Algebraic Formulation for Plane Strain Elastodynamic Scattering
Jordi Poblet-Puig and Andrey V. Shanin


Approximation by Herglotz Wave Functions
Fernando Guevara Vasquez and China Mauck

Upscaling Diffusion Through First-Order Volumetric Sinks: A Homogenization of Bacterial Nutrient Uptake
Mohit P. Dalwadi, Yanming Wang, John R. King, and Nigel P. Minton

Generalized Master Equations for Random Walks with Time-Dependent Jump Sizes
Diego Torrejon and Maria Emelianenko

Generalizing Diffuse Interface Methods on Graphs: Nonsmooth Potentials and Hypergraphs

Jessica Bosch, Steffen Klamt, and Martin Stoll

Drug Release from Viscoelastic Swelling Polymeric Platforms
J. A. Ferreira, P. de Oliveira, M. Grassi, and G. Romanazzi

Large-Scale HydroMagnetic Dynamo by Lehnert Waves in Nonresistive Plasma
Krzysztof A. Mizerski

Differential Faraday Rotation and Polarimetric SAR

Mikhail Gilman and Semyon Tsynkov

Comparing Cattaneo and Fractional Derivative Models for Heat Transfer Processes
Francesca Ferrillo, Renato Spigler, and Moreno Concezzi

Mean Displacement Near an Interface in a Nonlinear String
R. Arredondo and John P. McHugh

Revenue Equivalence of Large Asymmetric Auctions
Gadi Fibich, Arieh Gavious, and Nir Gavish

Minimal Transport Networks with General Boundary Conditions
Shyr-Shea Chang and Marcus Roper


SIAM Journal on Computing


The Submodular Secretary Problem Goes Linear
Moran Feldman and Rico Zenklusen

Compressing Interactive Communication Under Product Distributions
Alexander A. Sherstov

Computing k-Atomicity in Polynomial Time
Wojciech Golab, Xiaozhou Steve Li, Alejandro López-Ortiz, and Naomi Nishimura

Achieving New Upper Bounds for the Hypergraph Duality Problem through Logic
Georg Gottlob and Enrico Malizia

Bounded Independence Plus Noise Fools Products
Elad Haramaty, Chin Ho Lee, and Emanuele Viola

Non-Malleable Codes from Additive Combinatorics
Divesh Aggarwal, Yevgeniy Dodis, and Shachar Lovett

Eigenvectors of Orthogonally Decomposable Functions
Mikhail Belkin, Luis Rademacher, and James Voss


Fully Dynamic Maximal Matching in O(log N) Update Time (Corrected Version)
Surender Baswana, Manoj Gupta, and Sandeep Sen

Making the Most of Your Samples
Zhiyi Huang, Yishay Mansour, and Tim Roughgarden

Slightly Superexponential Parameterized Problems
Daniel Lokshtanov, Dániel Marx, and Saket Saurabh


SIAM Journal on Control and Optimization


Injection-Suction Control for Two-Dimensional Navier--Stokes Equations with Slippage
Nikolai Chemetov and Fernanda Cipriano

Turnpike Properties and Strict Dissipativity for Discrete Time Linear Quadratic Optimal Control Problems
Lars Grüne and Roberto Guglielmi

A New Method to Obtain Uniform Decay Rates for Multidimensional Wave Equations with Nonlinear Acoustic Boundary Conditions

Yuan Gao, Jin Liang, and Ti-Jun Xiao

On the Optimal Control of Boolean Control Networks
Qunxi Zhu, Yang Liu, Jianquan Lu, and Jinde Cao

Constrained Dynamic Optimality and Binomial Terminal Wealth
J. L. Pedersen and G. Peskir

Pointwise Asymptotic Stability in a Hybrid System and Well-Posed Behavior Beyond Zeno
Rafal Goebel and Ricardo G. Sanfelice

Convergence Rate for a Gauss Collocation Method Applied to Constrained Optimal Control
William W. Hager, Jun Liu, Subhashree Mohapatra, Anil V. Rao, and Xiang-Sheng Wang

Controlling the Running Maximum of a Diffusion Process and an Application to Queueing Systems
Ananda Weerasinghe

Optimal Control of Partially Observable Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes
Nicole Bäuerle and Dirk Lange

Genericity of the Strong Observability for Sampled Systems
Sabeur Ammar, Majid Massaoud, and Jean-Claude Vivalda

Boundary Feedback Stabilization of the Isothermal Euler Equations with Uncertain Boundary Data
Martin Gugat and Rüdiger Schultz

Asymptotic Controllability and Lyapunov-like Functions Determined by Lie Brackets
Monica Motta and Franco Rampazzo

Parabolic Bellman Equations with Risk Control

Alain Bensoussan, Dominic Breit, and Jens Frehse

Risk Sensitive Portfolio Optimization in a Jump Diffusion Model with Regimes
Milan Kumar Das, Anindya Goswami, and Nimit Rana


Endogenous Formation of Limit Order Books: Dynamics Between Trades
Roman Gayduk and Sergey Nadtochiy

Feedback Stabilization and Boundary Controllability of the Korteweg--de Vries Equation on a Star-Shaped Network
Kaïs Ammari and Emmanuelle Crépeau

Stability Analysis of Power Systems: A Network Synchronization Perspective
Lijun Zhu and David J. Hill

Optimal Velocity Control of a Viscous Cahn--Hilliard System with Convection and Dynamic Boundary Conditions
Pierluigi Colli, Gianni Gilardi, and Jürgen Sprekels

On the Reachable Set for the One-Dimensional Heat Equation
Jérémi Dardé and Sylvain Ervedoza

On Error Bounds and Multiplier Methods for Variational Problems in Banach Spaces
Christian Kanzow and Daniel Steck

Minimization of State Bounding for Perturbed Positive Systems with Delays
P. T. Nam, H. Trinh, and P. N. Pathirana

Set-Valued Sliding-Mode Control of Uncertain Linear Systems: Continuous and Discrete-Time Analysis
Félix A. Miranda-Villatoro, Bernard Brogliato, and Fernando Castaños

Optimal Strokes at Low Reynolds Number: A Geometric and Numerical Study of Copepod and Purcell Swimmers
P. Bettiol, B. Bonnard, and J. Rouot

Stochastic Optimal Control Problems with Control and Initial-Final States Constraints
Hélène Frankowska, Haisen Zhang, and Xu Zhang

Optimal Drift Rate Control and Impulse Control for a Stochastic Inventory/Production System
Ping Cao and Dacheng Yao

Consensus in Networks of Multiagents with Stochastically Switching Topologies and Time-Varying Delays
Bo Liu, Wenlian Lu, Licheng Jiao, and Tianping Chen


SIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics


Incidence Results and Bounds Of Trilinear and Quadrilinear Exponential Sums
Simon Macourt

Vertex Folkman Numbers and the Minimum Degree of Minimal Ramsey Graphs
Hiệp Hàn, Vojtěch Rödl, and Tibor Szabó

Orthogonal Tree Decompositions of Graphs
Vida Dujmović, Gwenaël Joret, Pat Morin, Sergey Norin, and David R. Wood

Line Percolation in Finite Projective Planes
Dániel Gerbner, Balázs Keszegh, Gábor Mészáros, Balázs Patkós, and Máté Vizer

Generalized Pseudoforest Deletion: Algorithms and Uniform Kernel
Geevarghese Philip, Ashutosh Rai, and Saket Saurabh

Bounding the Order of a Graph Using Its Diameter and Metric Dimension: A Study Through Tree Decompositions and VC Dimension
Laurent Beaudou, Peter Dankelmann, Florent Foucaud, Michael A. Henning, Arnaud Mary, and Aline Parreau

On Perfect Matchings and Tilings in Uniform Hypergraphs
Jie Han

3-Uniform Hypergraphs and Linear Cycles
Beka Ergemlidze, Ervin Györi, and Abhishek Methuku

Odd Holes in Bull-Free Graphs
Maria Chudnovsky and Vaidy Sivaraman

Signed Graphs: From Modulo Flows to Integer-Valued Flows

Jian Cheng, You Lu, Rong Luo, and Cun-Quan Zhang


Matrix Rigidity from the Viewpoint of Parameterized Complexity
Fedor V. Fomin, Daniel Lokshtanov, S. M. Meesum, Saket Saurabh, and Meirav Zehavi

Enumerating Projections of Integer Points in Unbounded Polyhedra
Danny Nguyen and Igor Pak

Edge Conflicts do not Determine Geodesics in the Associahedron

Sean Cleary and Roland Maio

Kneser Ranks of Random Graphs and Minimum Difference Representations
Zoltán Füredi and Ida Kantor

Lollipop and Lariat Symmetric Functions
Samantha Dahlberg and Stephanie van Willigenburg

Algebraic Properties of Generalized Graph Laplacians: Resistor Networks, Critical Groups, and Homological Algebra
David Jekel, Avi Levy, Will Dana, Austin Stromme, and Collin Litterell

3-Colorable Subclasses of P8-Free Graphs
Maria Chudnovsky and Juraj Stacho

A Characterization of Graphic Matroids Based on Circuit Orderings
Donald K. Wagner


SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics


Extreme-Strike Comparisons and Structural Bounds for SPX and VIX Options
A. Papanicolaou

Portfolio Benchmarking Under Drawdown Constraint and Stochastic Sharpe Ratio
Ankush Agarwal and Ronnie Sircar

Variational Analysis for Options with Stochastic Volatility and Multiple Factors
J. Frédéric Bonnans and Axel Kröner

Dual Pricing of American Options by Wiener Chaos Expansion
Jérôme Lelong

A General Valuation Framework for SABR and Stochastic Local Volatility Models

Zhenyu Cui, J. Lars Kirkby, and Duy Nguyen


Optimal Portfolio under Fast Mean-Reverting Fractional Stochastic Environment
Jean-Pierre Fouque and Ruimeng Hu

Recombining Tree Approximations for Optimal Stopping for Diffusions
Erhan Bayraktar, Yan Dolinsky, and Jia Guo

Option Pricing in a One-Dimensional Affine Term Structure Model via Spectral Representations
M. Chazal, R. Loeffen, and P. Patie


SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences


Analysis and an Interior-Point Approach for TV Image Reconstruction Problems on Smooth Surfaces
Marc Herrmann, Roland Herzog, Heiko Kröner, Stephan Schmidt, and José Vidal

Optimization Methods for In-Line Holography
A. Carpio, T. G. Dimiduk, V. Selgas, and P. Vidal

A Joint Segmentation/Registration Model Based on a Nonlocal Characterization of Weighted Total Variation and Nonlocal Shape Descriptors
Noémie Debroux and Carole Le Guyader

Deep Convolutional Framelets: A General Deep Learning Framework for Inverse Problems
Jong Chul Ye, Yoseob Han, and Eunju Cha


(Quasi)Periodicity Quantification in Video Data, Using Topology
Christopher J. Tralie and Jose A. Perea

Inexact Half-Quadratic Optimization for Linear Inverse Problems
Marc C. Robini, Feng Yang, and Yuemin Zhu

Density-Equalizing Maps for Simply Connected Open Surfaces
Gary P. T. Choi and Chris H. Rycroft

PET-MRI Joint Reconstruction by Joint Sparsity Based Tight Frame Regularization
Jae Kyu Choi, Chenglong Bao, and Xiaoqun Zhang

Multienergy Cone-Beam Computed Tomography Reconstruction with a Spatial Spectral Nonlocal Means Algorithm
Bin Li, Chenyang Shen, Yujie Chi, Ming Yang, Yifei Lou, Linghong Zhou, and Xun Jia

Covering the Space of Tilts. Application to Affine Invariant Image Comparison
Mariano Rodríguez, Julie Delon, and Jean-Michel Morel

Lamé Parameter Estimation from Static Displacement Field Measurements in the Framework of Nonlinear Inverse Problems

Simon Hubmer, Ekaterina Sherina, Andreas Neubauer, and Otmar Scherzer

Multifractal Analysis of Multivariate Images Using Gamma Markov Random Field Priors
Herwig Wendt, Sébastien Combrexelle, Yoann Altmann, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Stephen McLaughlin, and Patrice Abry

Image Labeling Based on Graphical Models Using Wasserstein Messages and Geometric Assignment
Ruben Hühnerbein, Fabrizio Savarino, Freddie Åström, and Christoph Schnörr

An Algorithm for Optimal Transport between a Simplex Soup and a Point Cloud
Quentin Mérigot, Jocelyn Meyron, and Boris Thibert

Spherical Designs and Nonconvex Minimization for Recovery of Sparse Signals on the Sphere
Xiaojun Chen and Robert S. Womersley

Theoretical Analysis of Flows Estimating Eigenfunctions of One-Homogeneous Functionals
Jean-Franois Aujol, Guy Gilboa, and Nicolas Papadakis


SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis


A Canonical Barycenter via Wasserstein Regularization
Young-Heon Kim and Brendan Pass

Stability of the Superposition of a Viscous Contact Wave with Two Rarefaction Waves to the Bipolar Vlasov--Poisson--Boltzmann System
Hai-liang Li, Teng Wang, and Yi Wang

Uniform Asymptotic and Convergence Estimates for the Jin--Xin Model Under the Diffusion Scaling
Roberta Bianchini

Self-Similar Lifting and Persistent Touch-Down Points in the Thin-Film Equation
Carlota M. Cuesta, Hans Knüpfer, and Juan J. L. Velázquez

An Analysis of Equilibria in Dense Nematic Liquid Crystals
Jamie M. Taylor

Spectra and Stability of Spatially Periodic Pulse Patterns II: The Critical Spectral Curve
Björn de Rijk

On the Kinetic Equation in Zakharov's Wave Turbulence Theory for Capillary Waves
Toan T. Nguyen and Minh-Binh Tran

A Cantilevered Extensible Beam in Axial Flow: Semigroup Well-posedness and Postflutter Regimes
Jason S. Howell, Daniel Toundykov, and Justin T. Webster

Growth Rates of Sublinear Functional and Volterra Differential Equations

John A. D. Appleby and Denis D. Patterson

On Well-Posedness of Semilinear Stochastic Evolution Equations on Lp Spaces
Carlo Marinelli

Globally Exact Asymptotics for Integrals with Arbitrary Order Saddles
T. Bennett, C. J. Howls, G. Nemes, and A. B. Olde Daalhuis

On the Symplectic Covariance and Interferences of Time-Frequency Distributions
Elena Cordero, Maurice de Gosson, Monika Dörfler, and Fabio Nicola

The Fokker--Planck Equation with Absorbing Boundary Conditions in Bounded Domains
Hyung Ju Hwang, Juhi Jang, and Jaewoo Jung

Gap Probability at the Hard Edge for Random Matrix Ensembles with Pole Singularities in the Potential
Dan Dai, Shuai-Xia Xu, and Lun Zhang

Smoothing Estimates for the Kinetic Transport Equation at the Critical Regularity

Neal Bez, Jayson Cunanan, and Sanghyuk Lee

Poro-Visco-Elastic Compaction in Sedimentary Basins
Eleanor Holland and R. E. Showalter


Scaling Limit for a Long-Range Divisible Sandpile
Susana Frómeta and Milton Jara

Well-Posedness of a Mathematical Model for Alzheimer's Disease
Michiel Bertsch, Bruno Franchi, Maria Carla Tesi, and Andrea Tosin

On the Largest Critical Value of Tn(k)
Nikola Naidenov, Geno Nikolov, and Alexei Shadrin

Finite-Time Self-Organized-Criticality on Synchronized Infinite Grids
Umberto Mosco

The Mean Field Equation for the Kuramoto Model on Graph Sequences with Non-Lipschitz Limit
Dmitry Kaliuzhnyi-Verbovetskyi and Georgi S. Medvedev

Generic Steady State Bifurcations in Monoid Equivariant Dynamics with Applications in Homogeneous Coupled Cell Systems
Sören Schwenker

Singularity Formation and Global Existence of Classical Solutions for One-Dimensional Rotating Shallow Water System
Bin Cheng, Peng Qu, and Chunjing Xie

A Differential Model for Growing Sandpiles on Networks
Simone Cacace, Fabio Camilli, and Lucilla Corrias

The Limiting Absorption Principle and a Radiation Condition for the Scattering by a Periodic Layer
Andreas Kirsch and Armin Lechleiter

A Calibration Method for Estimating Critical Cavitation Loads from Below in Three Dimensional Nonlinear Elasticity

Jonathan J. Bevan and Jonathan H. B. Deane

Quasi-Linear (Stochastic) Partial Differential Equations with Time-Fractional Derivatives
Wei Liu, Michael Röckner, and José Luís da Silva

A Shape Optimal Control Problem with Changing Sign Data
Giuseppe Buttazzo and Bozhidar Velichkov

Structural Compactness and Stability of Semi-Monotone Flows
Augusto Visintin

Near-Field Asymptotics for the Porous Medium Equation in Exterior Domains. The Critical Two-Dimensional Case
Carmen Cortázar, Fernando Quirós, and Noemí Wolanski

The Initial-Value Problem for the Cubic-Quintic NLS with Nonvanishing Boundary Conditions

Rowan Killip, Jason Murphy, and Monica Visan

Three-Dimensional Full Euler Flows with Nontrivial Swirl in Axisymmetric Nozzles
Xuemei Deng, Tian-Yi Wang, and Wei Xiang


SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications


Structural Convergence Results for Approximation of Dominant Subspaces from Block Krylov Spaces
Petros Drineas, Ilse C. F. Ipsen, Eugenia-Maria Kontopoulou, and Malik Magdon-Ismail

Generalized Fiedler Pencils for Rational Matrix Functions
Rafikul Alam and Namita Behera

A Lanczos Method for Large-Scale Extreme Lorentz Eigenvalue Problems
Lei-Hong Zhang, Chungen Shen, Wei Hong Yang, and Joaquim J. Júdice

A Unified Approach to Spectral and Isotropic Functions
Mehdi S. Mousavi and Hristo S. Sendov

Lowest Complexity Self-Recursive Radix-2 DCT II/III Algorithms
Sirani M. Perera and Jianhua Liu

A Structure Preserving Lanczos Algorithm for Computing the Optical Absorption Spectrum

Meiyue Shao, Felipe H. da Jornada, Lin Lin, Chao Yang, Jack Deslippe, and Steven G. Louie

Refining the Lower Bound on the Positive Eigenvalues of Saddle Point Matrices with Insights on the Interactions between the Blocks
Daniel Ruiz, Annick Sartenaer, and Charlotte Tannier


On an Economic Arnoldi Method for BML-Matrices
Bernhard Beckermann, Clara Mertens, and Raf Vandebril

Some Extensions of the Crouzeix--Palencia Result
Trevor Caldwell, Anne Greenbaum, and Kenan Li

A Generalized Matrix Inverse That Is Consistent with Respect to Diagonal Transformations
Jeffrey Uhlmann

High-Order Retractions on Matrix Manifolds Using Projected Polynomials
Evan S. Gawlik and Melvin Leok

Preserving Positive Definiteness in Hierarchically Semiseparable Matrix Approximations
Xin Xing and Edmond Chow

Orthogonal Nonnegative Matrix Factorization by Sparsity and Nuclear Norm Optimization
Junjun Pan and Michael K. Ng

A Practical Randomized CP Tensor Decomposition

Casey Battaglino, Grey Ballard, and Tamara G. Kolda

Iterative Methods for Double Saddle Point Systems
Fatemeh Panjeh Ali Beik and Michele Benzi

Improved Bounds for Small-Sample Estimation

Serge Gratton and David Titley-Peloquin

On the Analysis of Block Smoothers for Saddle Point Problems

Daniel Drzisga, Lorenz John, Ulrich Rüde, Barbara Wohlmuth, and Walter Zulehner

Subspace Acceleration for the Crawford Number and Related Eigenvalue Optimization Problems

Daniel Kressner, Ding Lu, and Bart Vandereycken


SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis


Crank--Nicolson Finite Element Approximations for a Linear Stochastic Fourth Order Equation with Additive Space-Time White Noise
Georgios E. Zouraris

An Ensemble Algorithm for Numerical Solutions to Deterministic and Random Parabolic PDEs

Yan Luo and Zhu Wang

Convergence of Sparse Collocation for Functions of Countably Many Gaussian Random Variables (with Application to Elliptic PDEs)
Oliver G. Ernst, Björn Sprungk, and Lorenzo Tamellini

Numerical Analysis of Nonlocal Fracture Models in Hölder Space

Prashant K. Jha and Robert Lipton

Asymptotic-Preserving and Positivity-Preserving Implicit-Explicit Schemes for the Stiff BGK Equation
Jingwei Hu, Ruiwen Shu, and Xiangxiong Zhang

On the Decay Rate of the Singular Values of Bivariate Functions
Michael Griebel and Guanglian Li

Convergence Analysis of Energy Conserving Explicit Local Time-Stepping Methods for the Wave Equation
Marcus J. Grote, Michaela Mehlin, and Stefan A. Sauter

Finding the Nearest Positive-Real System
Nicolas Gillis and Punit Sharma

On the order of Accuracy of Finite Difference Operators on Diagonal Norm Based Summation-by-Parts Form

Viktor Linders, Tomas Lundquist, and Jan Nordström

Nonlocal p-Laplacian Evolution Problems on Graphs
Yosra Hafiene, Jalal Fadili, and Abderrahim Elmoataz

Optimal Convergence Rates for Adaptive Lowest-Order Discontinuous Petrov--Galerkin Schemes
Carsten Carstensen and Friederike Hellwig

Sharp Error Estimate of the Nonuniform L1 Formula for Linear Reaction-Subdiffusion Equations
Hong-lin Liao, Dongfang Li, and Jiwei Zhang

Estimation of Parameter Sensitivities for Stochastic Reaction Networks Using Tau-Leap Simulations
Ankit Gupta, Muruhan Rathinam, and Mustafa Khammash

On the Edge Recovery Property of Noncovex Nonsmooth Regularization in Image Restoration
Chao Zeng and Chunlin Wu

Erratum: A High-Order Asymptotic-Preserving Scheme for Kinetic Equations Using Projective Integration
Pauline Lafitte, Annelies Lejon, and Giovanni Samaey


Exponential Quadrature Rules Without Order Reduction for Integrating Linear Initial Boundary Value Problems
Begoña Cano and María Jesús Moreta

Virtual Elements for the Navier--Stokes Problem on Polygonal Meshes

L. Beirão da Veiga, C. Lovadina, and G. Vacca

Discretizations of the Spectral Fractional Laplacian on General Domains with Dirichlet, Neumann, and Robin Boundary Conditions

Nicole Cusimano, Félix del Teso, Luca Gerardo-Giorda, and Gianni Pagnini

Time Integration of Rank-Constrained Tucker Tensors
Christian Lubich, Bart Vandereycken, and Hanna Walach

Analysis of Galerkin FEMs for Mixed Formulation of Time-Dependent Ginzburg--Landau Equations Under Temporal Gauge
Chengda Wu and Weiwei Sun

Superconvergence of Characteristics Marker and Cell Scheme for the Navier--Stokes Equations on Nonuniform Grids

Xiaoli Li and Hongxing Rui

Finite Element Method and its Analysis for a Nonlinear Helmholtz Equation with High Wave Numbers
Haijun Wu and Jun Zou

Function Approximation on Arbitrary Domains Using Fourier Extension Frames
Roel Matthysen and Daan Huybrechs

A Quasi-nonlocal Coupling Method for Nonlocal and Local Diffusion Models
Qiang Du, Xingjie Helen Li, Jianfeng Lu, and Xiaochuan Tian

A Posteriori Error Analysis for Evolution Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations up to the Critical Exponent
Theodoros Katsaounis and Irene Kyza

The Numerical Invariant Measure of Stochastic Differential Equations With Markovian Switching
Xiaoyue Li, Qianlin Ma, Hongfu Yang, and Chenggui Yuan

Approximation of Eigenvalues of Evolution Operators for Linear Renewal Equations
Dimitri Breda and Davide Liessi

A Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Singularly Perturbed Convection-Diffusion--Reaction Problems
Runchang Lin, Xiu Ye, Shangyou Zhang, and Peng Zhu


SIAM Journal on Optimization


Relative Optimality Conditions and Algorithms for Treespace Fréchet Means
Sean Skwerer, Scott Provan, and J. S. Marron

Near-Optimal Bounds for Phase Synchronization

Yiqiao Zhong and Nicolas Boumal

Lasserre Hierarchy for Large Scale Polynomial Optimization in Real and Complex Variables
Cédric Josz and Daniel K. Molzahn

The Multilinear Polytope for Acyclic Hypergraphs
Alberto Del Pia and Aida Khajavirad

Buffered Probability of Exceedance: Mathematical Properties and Optimization
Alexander Mafusalov and Stan Uryasev

The Proximal Point Method for Locally Lipschitz Functions in Multiobjective Optimization with Application to the Compromise Problem
G. C. Bento, J. X. Cruz Neto, G. López, A. Soubeyran, and J. C. O. Souza

LP Formulations for Polynomial Optimization Problems

Daniel Bienstock and Gonzalo Muñoz

On Deterministic Reformulations of Distributionally Robust Joint Chance Constrained Optimization Problems
Weijun Xie and Shabbir Ahmed

The Convergent Generalized Central Paths for Linearly Constrained Convex Programming
Xun Qian, Li-Zhi Liao, Jie Sun, and Hong Zhu

Block BFGS Methods
Wenbo Gao and Donald Goldfarb

Decentralized Consensus Algorithm with Delayed and Stochastic Gradients
Benjamin Sirb and Xiaojing Ye


Semi-differentiability of the Marginal Mapping in Vector Optimization
Dinh The Luc, Majid Soleimani-damaneh, and Moslem Zamani

Global Convergence Rate of Proximal Incremental Aggregated Gradient Methods
N. D. Vanli, M. Gürbüzbalaban, and A. Ozdaglar

Nonsmooth Variants of Powell's BFGS Convergence Theorem
Jiayi Guo and A. S. Lewis

Combining Progressive Hedging with a Frank--Wolfe Method to Compute Lagrangian Dual Bounds in Stochastic Mixed-Integer Programming

Natashia Boland, Jeffrey Christiansen, Brian Dandurand, Andrew Eberhard, Jeff Linderoth, James Luedtke, and Fabricio Oliveira

A Central Limit Theorem and Hypotheses Testing for Risk-averse Stochastic Programs

Vincent Guigues, Volker Krätschmer, and Alexander Shapiro

On Regularization and Active-set Methods with Complexity for Constrained Optimization
E. G. Birgin and J. M. Martínez

Stability Analysis of Optimization Problems with kth order stochastic and distributionally robust dominance constraints induced by full random recourse
Zhiping Chen and Jie Jiang

Surpassing Gradient Descent Provably: A Cyclic Incremental Method with Linear Convergence Rate

Aryan Mokhtari, Mert Gürbüzbalaban, and Alejandro Ribeiro

Complexity Analysis of Second-Order Line-Search Algorithms for Smooth Nonconvex Optimization

Clément W. Royer and Stephen J. Wright

A Derivative-Free Trust-Region Algorithm for the Optimization of Functions Smoothed via Gaussian Convolution Using Adaptive Multiple Importance Sampling

Alvaro Maggiar, Andreas Wächter, Irina S. Dolinskaya, and Jeremy Staum

Regular Sequences of Quasi-Nonexpansive Operators and Their Applications
Andrzej Cegielski, Simeon Reich, and Rafał Zalas

Complexity Analysis of a Trust Funnel Algorithm for Equality Constrained Optimization
Frank E. Curtis, Daniel P. Robinson, and Mohammadreza Samadi

Optimality Conditions for Special Semidefinite Bilevel Optimization Problems
Stephan Dempe, Floriane Mefo Kue, and Patrick Mehlitz

A Bayesian Risk Approach to Data-driven Stochastic Optimization: Formulations and Asymptotics
Di Wu, Helin Zhu, and Enlu Zhou

A Regularized Factorization-Free Method for Equality-Constrained Optimization
Sylvain Arreckx and Dominique Orban

Decomposition Methods for Computing Directional Stationary Solutions of a Class of Nonsmooth Nonconvex Optimization Problems
Jong-Shi Pang and Min Tao

IQN: An Incremental Quasi-Newton Method with Local Superlinear Convergence Rate
Aryan Mokhtari, Mark Eisen, and Alejandro Ribeiro

Sensitivity Analysis of Variational Inequalities via Twice Epi-differentiability and Proto-differentiability of the Proximity Operator
Samir Adly and Loïc Bourdin


SIAM Review

SIREV 60-2


SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing


Multi Space Reduced Basis Preconditioners for Large-Scale Parametrized PDEs
Niccolò Dal Santo, Simone Deparis, Andrea Manzoni, and Alfio Quarteroni

Combining Push-Forward Measures and Bayes' Rule to Construct Consistent Solutions to Stochastic Inverse Problems
T. Butler, J. Jakeman, and T. Wildey

Preconditioning and Iterative Solution of All-at-Once Systems for Evolutionary Partial Differential Equations
Eleanor McDonald, Jennifer Pestana, and Andy Wathen

Nonintrusive Uncertainty Analysis of Fluid-Structure Interaction with Spatially Adaptive Sparse Grids and Polynomial Chaos Expansion

Ionuț-Gabriel Farcaș, Benjamin Uekermann, Tobias Neckel, and Hans-Joachim Bungartz

Range-Separated Tensor Format for Many-Particle Modeling
Peter Benner, Venera Khoromskaia, and Boris N. Khoromskij

A Fast Solver for Implicit Integration of the Vlasov--Poisson System in the Eulerian Framework
C. Kristopher Garrett and Cory D. Hauck

Efficient and Qualified Mesh Generation for Gaussian Molecular Surface Using Adaptive Partition and Piecewise Polynomial Approximation
Tiantian Liu, Minxin Chen, and Benzhuo Lu

Second Order Fully Discrete Energy Stable Methods on Staggered Grids for Hydrodynamic Phase Field Models of Binary Viscous Fluids

Yuezheng Gong, Jia Zhao, and Qi Wang

A Hybrid High-Order Method for Darcy Flows in Fractured Porous Media
Florent ChaveChave, Daniele A. Di Pietro, and Luca Formaggia

Mstab: Stabilized Induced Dimension Reduction for Krylov Subspace Recycling

Martin P. Neuenhofen and Chen Greif

Data-Driven Model Order Reduction of Linear Switched Systems in the Loewner Framework
I. V. Gosea, M. Petreczky, and A. C. Antoulas

A Posteriori Error Analysis for Crank--Nicolson--Galerkin Type Methods for Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Delay
Wansheng Wang, Ting Rao, Weiwei Shen, and Peng Zhong

Optimal-Transport--Based Mesh Adaptivity on the Plane and Sphere Using Finite Elements
Andrew T. T. McRae, Colin J. Cotter, and Chris J. Budd

Jacobi--Davidson Method on Low-Rank Matrix Manifolds
M. V. Rakhuba and I. V. Oseledets

A Note on Adaptive Nonlinear Preconditioning Techniques

Lulu Liu, David E. Keyes, and Rolf Krause

A Scalable Preconditioner for a Primal Discontinuous Petrov--Galerkin Method
A. T. Barker, V. Dobrev, J. Gopalakrishnan, and T. Kolev

A Localization Strategy for Data Assimilation; Application to State Estimation and Parameter Estimation
Tommaso Taddei and Anthony T. Patera

Coupling of Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes for Viscous Flow in Porous Media with Adsorption

Raimund Bürger, Sudarshan Kumar Kenettinkara, Ricardo Ruiz Baier, and Hector Torres

Inverse Source Problems for Maxwell's Equations and the Windowed Fourier Transform
Roland Griesmaier, Rohit Kumar Mishra, and Christian Schmiedecke


Adaptive Quadrature by Expansion for Layer Potential Evaluation in Two Dimensions
Ludvig af Klinteberg and Anna-Karin Tornberg

Summation-by-Parts Operators for Non-Simply Connected Domains
Samira Nikkar and Jan Nordström

Thermal Tomography with Unknown Boundary

Nuutti Hyvönen and Lauri Mustonen

An Exponential Time Integrator for the Incompressible Navier--Stokes Equation

Gijs L. Kooij, Mike A. Botchev, and Bernard J. Geurts

A Quantum Kinetic Monte Carlo Method for Quantum Many-Body Spin Dynamics
Zhenning Cai and Jianfeng Lu

Scalable Preconditioners for Structure Preserving Discretizations of Maxwell Equations in First Order Form
Edward G. Phillips, John N. Shadid, and Eric C. Cyr

Parallel-In-Space-Time, Adaptive Finite Element Framework for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
Robert Dyja, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, and Kristoffer G. van der Zee

An Adaptive Fast Gauss Transform in Two Dimensions
Jun Wang and Leslie Greengard

An Adaptive Independence Sampler MCMC Algorithm for Bayesian Inferences of Functions
Zhe Feng and Jinglai Li

The Shifted Proper Orthogonal Decomposition: A Mode Decomposition for Multiple Transport Phenomena
J. Reiss, P. Schulze, J. Sesterhenn, and V. Mehrmann

Hierarchical Orthogonal Matrix Generation and Matrix-Vector Multiplications in Rigid Body Simulations
Fuhui Fang, Jingfang Huang, Gary Huber, J. Andrew McCammon, and Bo Zhang

Combining the Augmented Lagrangian Preconditioner with the Simple Schur Complement Approximation
Xin He, Cornelis Vuik, and Christiaan M. Klaij

A Posteriori Estimates for Conforming Kirchhoff Plate Elements
Tom Gustafsson, Rolf Stenberg, and Juha Videman

A Moment-Matching Method to Study the Variability of Phenomena Described by Partial Differential Equations
Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, Damiano Lombardi, and Eliott Tixier

Point Spread Function Estimation in X-Ray Imaging with Partially Collapsed Gibbs Sampling
Kevin T. Joyce, Johnathan M. Bardsley, and Aaron Luttman

Langevin Diffusion for Population Based Sampling with an Application in Bayesian Inference for Pharmacodynamics
Georgios Arampatzis, Daniel Wälchli, Panagiotis Angelikopoulos, Stephen Wu, Panagiotis Hadjidoukas, and Petros Koumoutsakos

On Multistep Stabilizing Correction Splitting Methods with Applications to the Heston Model
W. Hundsdorfer and K. J. in't Hout

Numerical Solution of a Two-Dimensional Nonlocal Wave Equation on Unbounded Domains
Qiang Du, Houde Han, Jiwei Zhang, and Chunxiong Zheng

Toward Parallel Coarse Grid Correction for the Parareal Algorithm

Shu-Lin Wu

Optimal Interpolation and Compatible Relaxation in Classical Algebraic Multigrid
James Brannick, Fei Cao, Karsten Kahl, Robert D. Falgout, and Xiaozhe Hu

The AAA Algorithm for Rational Approximation
Yuji Nakatsukasa, Olivier Sète, and Lloyd N. Trefethen

A Nonlinear Algebraic Multigrid Framework for the Power Flow Equations

C. Ponce, D. S. Bindel, and P. S. Vassilevski

A Consistent Analytical Formulation for Volume Estimation of Geometries Enclosed by Implicitly Defined Surfaces
Shucheng Pan, Xiangyu Hu, and Nikolaus A. Adams


SIAM/ASA Journal on Uncertainty Quantification


Consistency Analysis for Massively Inconsistent Datasets in Bound-to-Bound Data Collaboration
Arun Hegde, Wenyu Li, James Oreluk, Andrew Packard, and Michael Frenklach

Representing Model Inadequacy: A Stochastic Operator Approach
Rebecca E. Morrison, Todd A. Oliver, and Robert D. Moser

A Framework for Controlling Sources of Inaccuracy in Gaussian Process Emulation of Deterministic Computer Experiments
Benjamin Haaland, Wenjia Wang, and Vaibhav Maheshwari

Sensitivity Analysis Based on Cramér--von Mises Distance

Fabrice Gamboa, Thierry Klein, and Agnès Lagnoux

Experimental Design for Partially Observed Markov Decision Processes

Leifur Thorbergsson and Giles Hooker

Uncertainty Quantification in Graph-Based Classification of High Dimensional Data
Andrea L. Bertozzi, Xiyang Luo, Andrew M. Stuart, and Konstantinos C. Zygalakis


Scenario Generation Methods that Replicate Crossing Times in Spatially Distributed Stochastic Systems
Joseph Durante, Raj Patel, and Warren B. Powell

On the Instability Issue of Gradient-Enhanced Gaussian Process Emulators for Computer Experiments
Xu He and Peter Chien

Transport Map Accelerated Markov Chain Monte Carlo
Matthew D. Parno and Youssef M. Marzouk

Multifidelity Monte Carlo Estimation of Variance and Sensitivity Indices
E. Qian, B. Peherstorfer, D. O'Malley, V. V. Vesselinov, and K. Willcox

Higher-Order Quasi-Monte Carlo for Bayesian Shape Inversion
R. N. Gantner and M. D. Peters


Theory of Probability and its Applications

TVP 61-4


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