Supplementary Materials

Authors are encouraged to submit Supplementary Materials to complement articles in selected journals. At this time JUQ, SIAGA, SIAP, SIMA, SIMAX, SIMODS, SINUM, SIREV, and SISC will consider unrefereed supplementary content as described below (SIADS, SIDMA, and SIIMS also consider supplementary content to be published along with the manuscript, but on a refereed basis).

These may include additional figures or examples, animations, data sets used in the paper, computer code used to generate figures or tables, or other materials that are necessary to fully document the research contained in the paper or to facilitate the readers' ability to understand and extend the work.

Supplementary Materials are generally not refereed but will be available to referees as described further below. When a paper is published, the Supplementary Materials are linked from the main article webpage and will be clearly marked in SIAM Journals Online as unrefereed Supplementary Materials. They can be cited using the same DOI as the paper.

SIAM intends to maintain archives of Supplementary Materials but does not guarantee their permanent availability. SIAM reserves the right to remove Supplementary Materials from a published article in the future if they are found to be inappropriate or to violate copyright laws or software licenses.


Three other journals, SIADS, SIDMA, and SIIMS, consider refereed supplemental content for publication. For these journals’ guidelines, see SIADS Instructions for Authors, SIDMA Instructions for Authors, and SIIMS Instructions for Authors.


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