ALENEX07 Program Schedule

Program Schedule

8:00 AM
Continental Breakfast

8:30 AM
Improved External Memory BFS Implementations
Deepak Ajwani, Ulrich Meyer and Vitaly Osipov

8:50 AM
Computing Visibility on Terrains in External Memory
Herman Haverkort, Laura Toma and Yi Zhuang

9:10 AM
An Experimental Study of A Parallel Shortest Path Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Graph Instances
Kamesh Madduri, David A. Bader, Jonathan W. Berry and Joseph R. Crobak

9:30 AM
Computing Many-to-Many Shortest Paths Using Highway Hierarchies
Sebastian Knopp, Peter Sanders, Dominik Schultes, Frank Schulz and Dorothea Wagner

9:50 AM
In Transit to Constant Time Shortest-Path Queries in Road Networks
Holger Bast, Stefan Funke, Domagoj Matijevic, Peter Sanders and Dominik Schultes

10:10 AM
Coffee Break

10:30 AM
ALENEX Invited Plenary Speaker: Madhav Marathe, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Algorithmic Considerations in Modeling and Simulation of Large Societal Infrastructures

11:30 AM
Lunch Break (attendees on their own)

1:00 PM
ANALCO Invited Plenary Speaker: Luc Devroye, McGill University, Canada
Weighted Heights of Random Trees

2:00 PM

2:15 PM
Practical Entropy-Compressed Rank/Select Dictionary
Daisuke Okanohara and Kunihiko Sadakane

2:35 PM
Intersection in Integer Inverted Indices
Peter Sanders and Frederik Transier

2:55 PM
Faster Filters for Approximate String Matching
Juha Karkkainen and Joong Chae Na

3:15 PM
Algorithms to Take Advantage of Hardware Prefetching
Shen Pan, Cary Cherng, Kevin Dick and Richard E. Ladner

3:35 PM
Linearization: Locally Self-Stabilizing Sorting in Graphs
Melih Onus, Andrea Richa and Christian Scheideler

3:55 PM
Coffee Break

4:15 PM
Maximizing Throughput in Minimum Rounds in an Application-Level Relay Service
Fred Annexstein, Ken Berman, Svetlana Strunjas and Chad Yoshikawa

4:35 PM
Locating Guards for Visibility Coverage of Polygons
Yoav Amit, Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Eli Packer

4:55 PM
Engineering an Efficient Canonical Labeling Tool for Large and Sparse Graphs
Tommi Junttila and Petteri Kaski

5:15 PM
ScrewBox: a Randomized Certifying Graph-Non-Isomorphism Algorithm
Martin Kutz and Pascal Schweitzer

5:35 PM
0/1 Vertex and Facet Enumeration with BDDs
Markus Behle and Friedrich Eisenbrand

6:00 PM
Business Meeting

6:30 PM
Welcome Reception

Poster Session

No poster session is scheduled for ALENEX07.

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