SIAM Annual Meeting Program for Wednesday, July 27, 1994

7:15 SIAM Electronic Publishing Meeting

8:00 Concurrent Sessions

  • MS29: Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)
  • MS30: Numerical Optimization
  • MS31: Effective Numerical Methods for Computing Incompressible Fluid Interfaces
  • MS32: Multi-Bump Homoclinic Orbits
  • MS33: Waves in Heterogeneous Media
  • CP16: Applied Probability and Statistics
  • CP17: Chemical and Combustion Processes
  • CP18: Elastic and Fluid Modeling and Complex Flows
  • CP19: Numerical Methods in PDE
  • CP20: Molecular Dynamics and Biological Modeling

    10:00 Coffee

    10:30 Invited Presentation

  • IP6: Data-Adaptive Tuning of Extremely Large Dynamical System Models

    11:15 Invited Presentation

  • IP7: Control Challenges in the Automotive Industry

    12:00 SIAM Business Meeting

    12:30 Lunch

    2:00 Invited Presentation

  • IP8: Sobering Lessons from a Simple Protein Folding Model

    2:45 Presentation and Award

  • The W. T. and Idalia Reid Prize

    3:30 Presentation and Award

  • The George David Birkhoff Prize

    4:00 Coffee

    4:30 Concurrent Sessions

  • CP21: Bifurcation Theory, Dynamical Systems and Hydrodynamic Stability
  • CP22: Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • CP23: Domain Decomposition
  • CP24: Numerical Analysis

    7:00 I.E. Block Retirement Reception and Dinner

  • Tribute to I. Edward Block