Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Workshop
“Communication Doctors” Exhibit:  Get your research communication ready for the press
Student Days
Workshop Celebrating Diversity


Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM) Workshop

The Workshop for Women Graduate Students and Recent P.h.D.’s is held in conjunction with the SIAM Annual Meeting.  Please visit for more information.


“Communication Doctors” Exhibit: Get your research communication ready for the press

Have a significant research project that you absolutely love, but begin to see people’s eyes glaze over every time you start to talk about it? Visit the “Communication Doctors” exhibit at CSE15! During two sessions (held concurrently with the poster sessions) the exhibit of “Communication Doctors”— representing mathematicians, science communicators and educators—will help make your research story media ready and public friendly. Do you have a scientific question, project or visual that you want to turn into a good story? Bring an elevator pitch, 1-3 minutes long, or a summary or visual of your research work, and the “doctors” will use a variety of skills to break it down for the lay public and media. You will also have a chance to meet and interact with science writer Flora Lichtman, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, NPR’s Science Friday, and Popular Science, among other outlets and publications.

Visit the exhibit in Room 255 between 4:30 and 6:30 PM on Sunday, March 15 or Monday, March 16.


Student Days

Because there is no Annual Meeting in 2015, Student Days are being held during the Conference on Computational Science and Engineering. Student Days are for students and about students. Organizers have arranged for activities and sessions where students can meet with both peers and professionals in their field, participate in a career fair, attend an information session on hot areas for jobs and research, and network with SIAM Student Chapters from all over the world.

Student Day Sessions
MS94 Student Days: SIAM Student Chapter Presentations - Part I of II
MS119 Student Days: SIAM Student Chapter Presentations - Part II of II
MS146 Student Days: Undergraduate Sessions - Part I of II
MS172 Student Days: Undergraduate Sessions - Part II of II
MS198 Student Days: Combining Disciplines, Techniques, Faculty and Students to Tackle Protein Folding
MS247 Student Days: An Informal Meeting

See for additional details.


Workshop Celebrating Diversity

Raegan Higgins, Texas Tech University, USA
Susan E. Minkoff,  University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Stephen A. Wirkus, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

This annual event is being held at the Conference on Computation Science and Engineering this year because there is no Annual Meeting in 2015. The Workshop provides a chance for students to listen to technical talks presented by minority graduate students. The workshop is intended to accomplish several goals:

To send a clear, explicit message of enthusiastic welcome and support from SIAM to members of under-represented groups. The workshop is deliberately held as part of a regular SIAM meeting so that the participants can combine the experiences of attending a regular scientific meeting and a special occasion dedicated to them.

To bring together a mixture of people from different levels of age and professional experience, ranging from undergraduate students to senior scientists.

To provide an opportunity for minority graduate students to present their research.

To provide an informal, comfortable setting (a lunch) where all the students can meet applied and computational mathematicians with a wide variety of jobs in academia, national laboratories, industry, and government.

SIAM and the Conference Organizing Committee wish to extend their thanks and appreciation to the U.S. National Science Foundation for its support of the Workshop Celebrating Diversity.

Workshop Celebrating Diversity Sessions
MS88 Computational Advances in Energy Research
MS113 Fluid Transport Dynamics in Biology and Medicine
MS140 Modern Computational Modeling in Fluids
MS166 Computational Science for Current Multidisciplinary Research Problems
MS192 The System Dynamics of Social and Health Processes using Quantitative Data Sciences Methods
MS216 Water Resources Management: How to Add it All Up

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