GD99 Program Updates
Sixth SIAM Conference on Geometric Design

November 2-5, 1999
Sheraton Old Town Hotel,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

This file includes a running list of any changes or cancellations made to this electronic program. Updates will be added as they become available.

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Date Session/Day/Time Update
11/2/99 CP4/Tue, Nov 2/4:55 PM A. Nasri cancelled
  CP11/Thur, Nov 4/5:35 PM P. Costantini replaced by C. Manni as speaker
  CP2/Tue, Nov 2/2:25 PM T. Maekawa replaced by T. Sakkalis as speaker
  CP14/Fri, Nov 5/3:25 PM A. R. Chouikha cancelled
10/30/99 CP1/Tue, Nov 2/2:45 PM C. Bangert cancelled
  CP7/Wed, Nov 3/4:35 PM T. Berry cancelled
  CP10/Thur, Nov 4/1:45 PM Speaker changed to C. Bangert
  CP5/Wed, Nov 3/2:45 PM K. Hah Roh replaced by D-S. Lee
  CP15/Fri, Nov 5/4:35 PM R. Krasauskas cancelled
  CP8/Wed, Nov 3/5:35 PM Speaker changed to S-Y. Chou
10/14/99 CP3/Tue, Nov 2/5:15 PM B. Kvasov cancelled
  MS10/Thur, Nov 4/10:30 AM B. Jüttler added as chair of session
10/10/99 CP10/Thur, Nov 4/2:45 PM H.T. Ilies replaced by I. Tsukanov
10/4/99 CP12/Thur, Nov 4/4:55 PM O. Sommer cancelled
Poster/Wed, Nov. 3/6:15 PM G. Gallo cancelled
CP6/Wed, Nov 3/1:45 PM O. Ruiz cancelled
CP3/Tue, Nov 2/ D. Barrera-Rosillo cancelled
S. De Marchi added
9/28/99 CP2, CP4, CP6, & CP8 Acoma Room changed to Weavers Room
  CP3/Tue., Nov. 2/5:35 PM H. Oruc cancelled
9/14/99 CP6/Wed, Nov. 3/3:05 PM/3:05 PM R. Beatson cancelled
9/6/99 CP6/Wed, Nov. 3/2:45 PM Edmond Nadler cancelled
8/16/99 Poster/Wed, Nov. 3/6:15 PM W. Stöcher added
MS3/Tues, Nov. 2/2:15 PM Title updated
8/2/99 MS15/Frid, Nov. 5/1:45 PM Session talks updated
7/9/99 CP12/Thur, Nov 4/4:15 PM O. Sommer added as co-author
CP8/Wed, Nov. 3 L-L. Chen added as chair
MS3/Tues, Nov. 2/1:45 Title changed
MS16/Frid, Nov. 5 Minisymposium summary added
MS15/Frid, Nov. 5 J. Gaukel replaces D. Nairn | order of speakers changed

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