Guidelines for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

SIAM has limited funding for conferences and, in some instances, no funding. SIAM does not normally reimburse speakers from industry or Government, but is willing to reimburse expenses for an invited speaker if their employer permits reimbursement for travel and if the speaker has no other source of travel support. We ask that other Invited Speakers attempt to obtain full or partial funding for their conference related expenses from their employers or from grants. Invited speakers do not have to pay the conference registration and are invited on a complimentary basis to all special events held during the conference.


As outlined at, Conference Co-chairs are provided with a discretionary fund to help cover their travel expenses. They should consult the meeting manager assigned to their conference to determine the amount of funding available to the co-chairs for travel reimbursement. Co-chairs also receive complimentary conference registration.

Minisymposium Organizers and Speakers

SIAM does not reimburse Minisymposium Organizers or Speakers, and organizers and speakers are asked to pay the conference registration fee. Minisymposium speakers and organizers who are not members of SIAM and attending the conference for more than one day, qualify for the discounted minisymposia speaker/organizer rate.

Invited Speakers

Reimbursement of expenses to Invited Speakers are subject to the following terms and conditions:

If necessary, SIAM will reimburse expenses up to $1,500 per speaker traveling within the continent where the meeting is being held, or $2,500 for speakers traveling from outside of the continent where the meeting is being held, subject to these guidelines. If the Invited Speakers expenses are expected to exceed these allotted amounts, the Invited Speaker must submit an Additional Reimbursement Request Form [13KB, PDF] to the SIAM Conference Director for approval no later than six (6) weeks before the conference. Reimbursement is intended to support conference related expenses including travel, housing, food and incidentals.

Minitutorial Speakers

SIAM will provide up to $500 per speaker of a minitutorial for travel expenses, not to exceed $1500 per minitutorial (in the case of three (3) speakers, that’s $500 per speaker), plus free conference registration for up to three (3) speakers.


The most efficient and economical mode of transportation should be utilized. Reimbursement for travel will only be made for the most direct and convenient route from the Invited Speakers principal place of residence to and from the meeting (as long as expenses are within the reimbursement cap).


SIAM will reimburse Invited Speakers for coach fares only. For the best fares, make a flight reservation at least six (6) weeks in advance.

When traveling to the US from abroad, a USA Flagship airline carrier must be used in order to get reimbursed (in some circumstances the use of a foreign-flag carrier is permitted, see Fly America Act). In cases where it is less expensive or a hardship would occur from using a domestic US airline, you can be reimbursed for using another airline but the reason that the domestic US carrier was not chosen must be explained. Please review the Fly America Act for additional information.


SIAM will reimburse Invited Speakers for coach fares only.


When an Invited Speaker uses his/her own automobile to travel to and from the meeting site, SIAM will reimburse Invited Speakers in accordance with the allowable IRS mileage rate. If it is more economical or efficient to travel by air or railroad, the reimbursement for automobile costs will not exceed the air or railroad costs. Rental costs for an automobile will not be reimbursed except in cases in which it is less expensive than local transportation between the airport/train station and the meeting site. Reasonable parking fees at the meeting site will be reimbursed.

Ground Transportation

SIAM will reimburse reasonable ground transportation expenses (limousine, taxi, bus) between the airport/train station and the meeting site. Specially chartered luxury limousine service is not reimbursable.


SIAM negotiates a special rate for all attendees at SIAM meetings. You must often make your reservation at least four (4) weeks prior to the meeting to obtain this rate. We will reimburse Invited Speakers for the hotel room only at this special rate. We request that when making the advance reservations at the hotel, and when checking-in, inform the registration desk that he or she is attending the SIAM meeting to avail themselves of the special rate. The number of reimbursable hotel nights should not exceed the length of the meeting plus one night (as long as expenses are within the reimbursement cap).


Invited Speakers will be reimbursed for reasonable costs incurred for meals in traveling to and from the meeting as well as during the meeting (as long as expenses are within the reimbursement cap). Excessive food and beverage charges will not be reimbursed.

There are two options for meal reimbursement.  You must select an option and use it for the entire trip.  Please indicate on the expense report which option you are using. The options are:

Full Reimbursement
For full reimbursement, detailed receipts are required whether the meals are paid for in cash or on a credit card.

Detailed receipts for meals showing the food and beverages ordered are required.  If the meals are included on the hotel bill as room service, a detailed receipt is still required.  SIAM receives funding from government agencies, and it is mandatory we receive the detailed receipts so unallowable costs can be segregated for government funding purposes. 

If a detailed receipt/receipts are not provided to support a meal item on the expense report, the meal/s will be deducted from the expense report and not reimbursed.
Per Diem  
Costs vary according to the area of the country; there are no fixed per‑diem rates. GSA (U.S. General Services Administration) updates the per diem by city periodically.  If using per diem, the rate for the city traveling to should be used.

Current per diem rates are available at:
United States:
Outside United States:


SIAM will reimburse Invited Speakers for one phone call to home from the site of the meeting. In cases of emergency, this rule will be waived.


Receipts for all expenditures over $25.00 are required. All meals require detailed receipts showing items purchased. Meals without detailed receipts cannot be reimbursed.

Reporting of Reimbursable Expenses

SIAM will provide these reimbursement guidelines to the Invited Speakers when the letter inviting the person to speak is sent. Also included will be the "Conference Support & Further Reimbursement Request Form."

Included in the Invited Speaker's package given out at the registration desk will be an expense report form. The expense report must be turned in within thirty (30) days of the meeting end date in order to be reimbursed. Expense reports received after the deadline will not be reimbursed.

Invited Speaker expenses received prior to the deadline will be reimbursed within four (4) weeks of receipt of the expense report.

Reminders to turn in expense reports will be sent by the Conference Department to Invited Speakers as necessary.

Expense reports received after the deadline will be given to Accounting. The Controller will, at his/her discretion, approve the expense report for payment.

For expense reports denied payment, a letter will be sent by Accounting, signed by the Controller, stating that payment has been denied.

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