Invited Presentations

Presentations from the Conference

Invited speakers, the prize speakers, minitutorials, and a selection of minisymposia presentations from the 2014 Conference on Uncertainty Quantification  have been captured and are available as slides with synchronized audio. In addition there are PDF’s of the slides available for printing. View presentation slides with synchronized audio.

Plenary Speakers

James Berger, Duke University, USA

Ronald DeVore, Texas A&M University, USA
View Presentation: Theory for Reduced Modelling

Andrea Donnellan, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and University of Southern California, USA
View Presentation: Quantifying Uncertainty in Multiscale Heterogenous Solid Earth Crustal Deformation Data to Improve Understanding of Earthquake Processes

Olivier Le Maître, LIMSI-CNRS, France and Duke University, USA
View Presentation: Uncertainty Propagation in CFD

Robert Parker, University of California San Diego, USA
View Presentation: Uncertainty Without the Reverend Bayes

Jerome Sacks, National Institute of Statistical Sciences, USA

Andrew Stuart, University of Warwick, United Kingdom
View Presentation: Uncertainty Quantification in Bayesian Inversion

Grace Wahba, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
View Presentation: Uncertainty Quantification in Difficult Risk Models Built on Large Genetic Vectors

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