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Past Officers

Chair: Juan Meza
Vice Chair: Martine Labbe
Program Director: Michael Friedlander
Secretary/Treasurer: Kim Chuan Toh
Newsletter Editors: Jennifer Erway and Stefan Wild

Chair: Michael Todd
Vice Chair: Mihai Anitescu
Program Director: Miguel Anjos
Secretary/Treasurer: Marina Epelman
Newsletter Editors: Sven Leyffer and Franz Rendl

Chair: Michael Ferris
Vice Chair: Yinyu Ye
Program Director: Stephen Vavasis
Secretary/Treasurer: S. Thomas McCormick
Newsletter Editor: Sven Leyffer

Chair: Kurt M. Anstreicher
Vice Chair: Robert Vanderbei
Program Director: Sven Leyffer
Secretary/Treasurer: Kees Roos
Newsletter Editor: Luis N. Vicente

Chair: Henry Wolkowicz
Vice Chair: Phillipe L. Toint
Program Director: Anders Forsgren
Secretary/Treasurer: Natalia M Alexandrov
Newsletter Editor: Jos Sturm


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