Editorial Contacts

Contact Karl Durst, Editorial Assistant:

  1. With questions about individual papers in review.
  2. To notify SIAM of address changes.
Contact Mitch Chernoff, Publications Manager, about:
  1. Peer review policies and procedures.
  2. Journal backlog and pagination information.
  3. General requests or complaints.
  4. Problem papers (in review).
  5. Special issues, errata, addenda.
Contact Kelly Thomas, Managing Editor, with:
  1. Questions about article production (post-acceptance).
  2. Questions about copyright policy and permissions.
Contact Kivmars Bowling, Publisher, about:
  1. Journal marketing questions or suggestions
  2. Publishing a journal with SIAM

Contact Heather Blythe, Reprints Coordinator with:

  1. Questions concerning page charges and reprints.
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