Presentations from the Conference

Selected presentations from the 2016 SIAM Annual Meeting Science have been captured and are  available as slides with synchronized audio. In addition there are PDF’s of the slides available for printing. View presentation slides with synchronized audio.


MT2 Minitutorial: Directions for Graduate and Undergraduate Modeling Courses
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This minitutorial will take a workshop approach to help participants explore considerations for designing an undergraduate or graduate mathematical modeling course.   Example syllabi and learning objectives will be discussed to best meet goals for students.  Pros and cons of various organizing principles for modeling courses will be weighed, including one organized around prerequisites of linear algebra and differential equations, another focusing on algorithms, and a third based on industrial mathematics problems.

Jeffrey Humpherys, Brigham Young University, USA
Rachel Levy, Harvey Mudd College, USA
Thomas Witelski, Duke University, USA


MT1 Minitutorial: The Mathematics of Verbal Autopsy - How to Track the Leading Causes of Death Globally, From Face-to-Face Interviews to Reproducible Machine Learning Methods
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This minitutorial will present a "full-stack" application of mathematical thinking to measuring the causes of death in populations globally, with a focus on the pitfalls of messy data, the benefits of reproducible research, and some hands-on experience with machine learning in Python using scikits-learn.

Abraham D. Flaxman, University of Washington, USA

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