SIAM Annual Meeting Program for Monday, July 25, 1994

8:00 Concurrent Sessions

  • MS1: Mathematics of the Dynamics of Financial Markets
  • MS2: Graduate Education and Industrial Mathematics
  • MS3: Computational Methods in the Geosciences: Porous Media (Part 1 of 2)
  • MS4: Theory and Industrial Practice of the h-p Version of FEM (Part 1 of 2)
  • MS5: Wavelets and Their Applications in PDE
  • MS6: Recent Advances in Stochastic Adaptive Control
  • MS7: Scientific Visualization (Part 1 of 2)
  • CP1: Computational Fluid Dynamics: Incompressible Flows
  • CP2: Partial Differential Equations
  • CP3: Solid State Modeling: Semiconductors and Materials

    10:00 Coffee

    10:20 Welcoming Remarks

    10:30 Invited Presentation

  • IP1: An Overview of Atmospheric General Circulation Models

    11:15 Invited Presentation

  • IP2: Control of Manufacturing Systems

    12:00 Lunch

    1:30 Invited Presentation

  • IP3: Molecular Dynamics and Supercoiled DNA

    2:15 Prize Award

  • The Theodore von Karman Prize

    3:30 Concurrent Sessions

  • MS8: Computational Methods in Materials Science
  • MS9: Educating Applied Mathematicians in the 21st Century
  • MS10: Theory and Industrial Practice of the h-p Version of FEM (Part 2 of 2)
  • MS11: Approximate Soliton Dynamics: Beyond Solitons as Particles
  • MS12: Symplectic Discretization Schemes for Dynamical Applications
  • MS13: Applications of Large Scale Computing to Scientific Problems
  • MS14: Recent Developments in Optimal Control
  • MS14A: Modeling the Manufacture of Fibers
  • CP4: Fluid Dynamics
  • CP5: Inverse Problems

    6:00 PM Poster and Video Presentations

  • Poster and Video Presentations