Guidelines for Annual Meeting Organizers

Guidelines for Co-Chairs of Annual Meetings

The annual meeting is the flagship meeting for the entire SIAM community. In particular, the annual meeting provides:

With all these activities the annual meeting fosters a spirit of community.


These guidelines apply to the SIAM Annual Meeting; other SIAM Conferences, Symposia and Workshops have their own set of guidelines.

The primary role of the organizing committee is to design the technical program, including selection of themes, invitation of plenary speakers, topical speakers, minitutorial speakers, and minisymposium organizers, and scheduling of all sessions. The committee also reviews proposals for contributed presentations and posters, and may choose to accept or reject such proposals.

It is the responsibility of the organizing committee to ensure broad representation of plenary speakers, topical speakers, minitutorial speaker, and minisymposium organizers in all aspects of the program; these aspects include relevant scientific disciplines, industry, and geographic balance.

A special attempt should be made to include speakers and topics from industry which plays a vital role in SIAM. In addition, it is the policy of the SIAM Board to urge organizers to include women and underrepresented minorities in the selection of high profile participants in the conference such as members of the organizing committee, invited speakers, and minisymposium organizers.

I. Important SIAM Contacts

II. Budget

The budget for the annual meeting is set by the SIAM office, and the registration fees by the SIAM board. The goal is to stage a high quality event at the lowest possible registration fee. In contrast to other SIAM meetings, the annual meeting receives no external grant support. SIAM has never made a profit on an annual meeting and the budget is tight. The co-chairs should keep this is mind when they make decisions that have a financial impact, such as travel costs for invited speakers, special events, number of meeting rooms, and nonstandard audio-visual equipment. When in doubt, contact SIAM's Conference Director.
The SIAM office is responsible for all financial commitments, signing of contracts, and holds final authority over all decisions with financial implications.

III. Meeting Site and Dates

The site and date for the annual meeting are determined by SIAM's Program Committee, which is chaired by the Vice President for Programs. The co-chairs should NOT contact a hotel, university, or other site without the explicit consent of SIAM's Conference Director.

IV. Meeting Format

More information about invited talks and SIAG tracks specific to your meeting will be discussed in an introductory conference call with the executive director, SIAM meeting manager, and director of programs and services.

Five (5) minutes of each talk are allotted to introduction and questions.

V. To Do List

The check list below describes activities to be completed by a deadline relative to the start of the meeting. Absolute deadlines for specific meetings are emailed to the co-chairs.

20 months: Select 7-14 OC members

The organizing committee (OC) plans the scientific program of the meeting. It is the policy of SIAM to urge Conference Chairs to include women, underrepresented minorities, industrial members, and government lab employees in the selection of high profile participants (this includes members of the organizing committee, invited plenary speakers and solicited minisymposium organizers). SIAM encourages the inclusion of junior scientists in the organizing committee.

It is up to the co-chairs how much they involve the OC in the following steps.

20 months: Select 5-10 themes for the meeting

The themes are areas of concentration for the scientific program. They are represented by invited speakers, minisymposia and tracks.
The purpose of the themes is to attract people to the meeting. The themes should reflect the interests of the SIAM community, span a wide range of areas, and be exciting and forward looking. In addition, participants can also contribute talks and minisymposia on any topic of interest to SIAM.

15-12 months: Invite Plenary and Topical Speakers

15-12 months: Invite Minitutorial Speakers

15-12 months: Solicit Minisymposium Organizers

12 months: Call for Papers

The call for papers is an invitation to organize a minisymposium or give a contributed talk.

6 months: Review Abstracts

The SIAM office will forward to the co-chairs the abstracts of the contributed talks and the minisymposium proposals, approximately two weeks after the submission deadline.

5-6 months: Schedule Scientific Program

2-4 weeks: Send Out Last Minute Reminders


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