Fellows Selection Committee

The Fellows Selection Committee is charged with evaluating nominees and selecting the SIAM Fellows. The Fellows Selection Committee may not select more than the target number of Fellows, but may choose to select fewer Fellows if the nomination pool so warrants. The documentation submitted with a nomination is the basis for a selection decision.

The Fellows Selection Committee will consist of 16 members serving staggered two-year terms. Only SIAM Fellows who are also regular SIAM members and who have not served on the Fellows Selection Committee in the preceding five years are eligible for appointment to the Committee. Each year, eight new Committee members will be appointed by the Major Awards Committee from among those eligible, and the SIAM President will designate one of the continuing committee members as chair.

The Major Awards Committee, when appointing the Fellows Selection Committee, and the Fellows Selection Committee, when evaluating nominees, will give careful attention to the non-academic membership of SIAM.

Members of the Fellows Selection Committee may not nominate anyone to be a Fellow while in office.

For more information
Frequently Asked Questions about Nomination Procedures
SIAM Fellows Program Specifications [PDF, 90KB]
Contact the Fellows Team at [email protected] 
Contact Executive Director Jim Crowley at [email protected]

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