SIAM Criteria for Fellows

For the short list of eligibility rules that cover years of membership and time in the profession, see:

This guideline is intended to provide some more general information for someone interested in making a fellows nomination. It intends to provide general background on things to consider when making a nomination and is followed by some guidelines on writing letters.

SIAM designates as Fellows of the Society certain members who have made outstanding contributions to fields served by SIAM and the communities we represent.

Research excellence is one criterion for selection, but it is not meant to be the only one. The Fellows program is also intended to recognize excellence in industrial work (which might or might not involve traditional research), excellence in educational activities that reach a broad audience, or other forms of excellence directly related to the goals of SIAM.

Helpful Guidelines When Considering a Nomination

While the rules for fellows are posted above, the following categories, with questions under each, are intended to provide some guidance to those writing nominating packages.

Contributions to the field may be made in variety of ways, depending on the individual’s type of employment and professional emphases. The following are listed as guidelines to assist the preparer of nominating materials.

Note: Candidates may have relevant qualifications in more than one of the areas listed below, but one may suffice.


For people working outside academia, publications may not be their primary contribution. In this case, a nomination should describe the contributions of the individual to advancing the discipline through other means. The kinds of question one might address include:


Some of the following questions may be relevant if considering someone whose contributions have been in education:


For many SIAM members, research is a major part of their contributions to the field. The following questions are relevant:

Technical Leader

For people outside academia, technical leadership may be a major part of their career. Consider the following questions:

Service to SIAM or its Community

For some individuals, service to the community may be a primary accomplishment. This may apply, for example, to people serving in funding agencies or other government positions. Outstanding service to SIAM and applied mathematics/computational science community includes projects, innovative programs and leadership roles taken to advance the discipline and its application through SIAM and other scientific, trade, professional and technical society activities. One should be able to specify the nature, duration and significance of major efforts.

For more information
Frequently Asked Questions about Nomination Procedures
SIAM Fellows Program Specifications [PDF, 90KB]
Contact the Fellows Team at [email protected] 
Contact Executive Director Jim Crowley at [email protected]

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