ALENEX03 Program at a Glance

7:30 Registration and Continental Breakfast
9:00 The Cutting-stock Approach to Bin Packing: Theory and Experiments (pdf)
David L. Applegate and Luciana S. Buriol and Bernard L. Dillard and
David S. Johnson and Peter W. Shor
9:25 The Markov Chain Simulation Method for Generating Connected Power Law Random Graphs (pdf)
Christos Gkantsidis and Milena Mihail and Ellen Zegura
9:50 Finding the k Shortest Simple Paths: A New Algorithm and its Implementation (pdf)
John Hershberger and Matthew Maxel and Subhash Suri
10:15 Break
10:35 Efficient Exact Geometric Predicates for Delaunay Triangulations (pdf)
Olivier Devillers and Sylvain Pion
11:00 Computing Core-Sets and Approximate Smallest Enclosing HyperSpheres in High Dimensions (pdf)
Piyush Kumar and Joseph S. B. Mitchell and Alper Yildirim
11:25 Interpolation over Light Fields with Applications in Computer Graphics (pdf)
F. Betul Atalay and David M. Mount
11:50 Practical Construction of Metric t-Spanners (pdf)
Gonzalo Navarro and Rodrigo Paredes
12:15 Lunch
1:45 Plenary Speaker: Lars Arge
Implementing External Memory Algorithms and Data Structures
2:45 I/O-efficient Point Location using Persistent B-Trees (pdf)
Lars Arge and Andrew Danner and Sha-Mayn Teh
3:10 Cache-Conscious Sorting of Large Sets of Strings with Dynamic Tries (pdf)
Ranjan Sinha and Justin Zobel
3:35 Break
3:55 Train Routing Algorithms: Concepts, Design Choices, and Practical Considerations (pdf)
Luzi Anderegg and Stephan Eidenbenz and Martin Gantenbein and Christoph Stamm and David Scot Taylor and Birgitta Weber and Peter Widmayer
4:20 On the Implementation of a Swap-based Local Search Procedure for the p-Median Problem (pdf)
Mauricio G. C. Resende and Renato F. Werneck
4:45 Fast Prefix Matching of Bounded Strings (pdf)
Adam L. Buchsbaum and Glenn S. Fowler and Balachander Kirshnamurthy and Kiem-Phong Vo and Jia Wang
5:10 Business Meeting / Open problems session
6:00 - 8:00 SODA Reception


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